What’s Wrong with This Culture?


Seriously.  What’s wrong with this culture in regards to dating?  When you’re a guy, especially who doesn’t think or act like most other guys out there, you feel like the only guy in the world girls aren’t interested in.

When you’re autistic or having Asperger’s syndrome you’re more at a disadvantage.  That’s because you aren’t sure if the person you’re interested in reciprocates those feelings, and so you second-guess yourself and go into self-emotional torment thinking about it.  Then when you finally find out they are not interested in you it becomes a big issue.  You tend to think of it as you pushing other people away; of course this is not always the case, but you tend to.

I’ll be brutally honest — though I’m known for that.  Our culture has placed it in our heads that in order to be successful in the dating world, you have to be cool (have contemporary interests, be at least somewhat bad, and not want anything serious).  Our culture has put so much into girl’s heads when they’re small about what to see in a guy that a girl has unrealistic expectations when she grows up.  No matter so many people are single now.  Our culture has placed an unrealistic amount of expectations in our minds, especially the minds of women.  You have to have that perfect guy or girl.  News flash: nobody is perfect!  A guy can be dismissed for simply nothing more than he’s not “cool”.

A lot of people, especially guys, are checking out of relationships because they see they can’t compete in the dating world because our culture has put too many expectations on us.  These people, especially guys, are resorting to video games, drinking, pornography, etc.  Our social skills as a society are going down the crapper.

Then there’s the issue of virgin shaming.  That’s right virgin shaming, not slut shaming.  Feminists are known for lecturing people about slut shaming, little of which actually exists compared to virgin shaming.  Just look at all the TV, videos and magazines that portray virgins, especially post-college graduates, as having something wrong with them, being losers, or being horribly autistic.  Even if the latter is true to a large extent, it’s treated like some sort of contagious malady.  Then you see how promiscuity is celebrated by our culture and promoted in our TV, movies and magazines.  Yeah, slut shaming hardly exists, as if criticizing promiscuity is actually slut shaming.

Our culture is so messed up and if it keeps going this way, there won’t be enough children to replace the older generations — seeing that the average Western couple only has two children or less.  If and Western families are being replaced by Muslims, they will not be able to blame us for calling out our fundamentally screwed up Western culture for causing its own demise.

How not to Respond to Mark Shea Types


It should be clear that I am no fan of Mark Shea, Simcha Fisher, Scott Eric Alt or other like-minded Catholics.  And yes, they are Catholics, not heretics, not schismatics and certainly not apostates.  They may act very pompously, say inappropriate things in the blogosphere and make generalizations a lot of times, but they are not schismatics, heretics or apostates.  Here is a list of things not to do when speaking of them or speaking to them.

(1) Do not call them schismatics, heretics or apostates.  They do not oppose the Church on any dogma even if they impose their own prudential judgment as the Church’s interpretation of dogma on other people at times.

(2) Do not call them pro-aborts.  They never once push for abortion; this is an uncharitable attack made against them for their rather distasteful attitude towards the pro-life movement at large.

(3) Do not call them liberals.  I have seen them criticize liberals even if it is far less than the times they criticize conservatives.  Being a critic of something does not necessarily make you the opposite of them.

(4) Do not say they are not Catholic and that includes not putting the term Catholic in quotation marks, implying they are not Catholic.  We are Catholics and Christians by our Baptism, saved by the grace of Christ (Ephesians 2:8-10); not by our works alone (not to say works do not profit us either – see James 2:14-26).  None of us is perfect; so if they are not Catholics due to their imperfections, then so are we not Catholics due to our own imperfections.

(5) Do not refuse to pray for them.  Jesus Christ said, “Pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44).  This includes not only our enemies in faith but those within the Church we do not get along with.  Remember, all us Catholics are made into body in Christ when we receive Holy Communion, the same Body and Blood of Christ.  To divide from them over disagreements does violence to the body of Christ as quarrels fracture it.

If you do anything of the things I mentioned not to do, then you only validate their point about anybody who criticizes them.  You have also stooped to their level and that is not way to give credibility to your criticism of somebody.

Trump is Victorious!


As I predicted, Donald Trump would win and yes there would be violent riots.  I expected Trump to win for a few reasons.  I will explain them here.

(1) I have noticed a pattern starting with George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. For eight years, we have a Democrat, then another eight years a Republican, then eight years again another Democrat, and now we have another Republican.  It is as if with every president people get tired of the stuff that the party of that president is responsible for, then swing the other way in the next election.

(2) All the stuff about Hillary Clinton convinced them not to vote for her: they either saw Trump as the perfect candidate or the lesser of two evils.  WikiLeaks got a lot of dirt on the Clinton campaign: e.g. her staffers who called for a liberal “Catholic Spring” against a “Middle Ages dictatorship” upheld by “backwards” Catholics, those same staffers being involved in Satanic rituals involving semen, blood and breastmilk, or the Clinton Foundation receiving millions from Islamic countries that fund jihad terror groups like the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

(3) People saw Clinton would be more years of Barack Obama, albeit maybe ten times worse.  She has beat Obama as the most pro-abortion candidate in U.S. history; she is more push for the not so Affordable Care Act, which even co-workers at a very liberal company have stated harasses them with expensive bills they cannot afford; even CNN stated that Obamacare premiums are supposed to skyrocket several thousand next year — that is if Obamacare is still around.

(4) Clinton’s terrible Middle East policy makes her incompetent.  She called for the Iraqi War, which resulted in a total coup d’état along with the growth of Islamic jihad in the country.  She also called for the takeout of Muammar Qaddafi in Libya, not to mention her embarrassing role as Secretary of State during the September 11, 2011 attacks in Benghazi.  This led to her distrust in e-mails with classified information, which she allegedly lied about.

I do have issues with some of Trump’s policies, not to mention he did call for Qaddafi’s dethronement — though he swears he never did — and there is a video all over the internet of him calling for it.  He claims SCOTUS’ ruling on same-sex “marriage” is settled when it is not.  The Supreme Court has no constitutional power to make or unmake a law, and judicial review itself is unconstitutional. It started with Marbury v. Madison. It’s also an excuse for SCOTUS for usurp a congressional power.  Those are few examples of issues I have with him, but they still do not level to Clinton’s issues.

In the end I did vote for him.  At first I argued with myself over whether to vote for him, vote third party or not vote at all.  In the end I saw he was the only one of being able to defeat Clinton; not only was I right about that, but also that he would defeat Clinton by a landslide.  I have absolutely no regrets having voted for him and am satisfied that I helped contribute to the outcome of the election.

Fr. Pavone & Abortion


Recently Fr. Frank Pavone has gotten a lot of beef over his use of the altar for an abortion video.  A lot of people are calling for his dismissal and others are justifying his actions and seeing no offense done.  I have seen people say those who criticize him on this are legalists.

“An altar, whether fixed or movable, must be reserved for divine worship alone, to the absolute exclusion of any profane use.” (Can. 1239 §1)

I give him the benefit of the doubt that he had good intentions and did not mean to desecrate the altar nor disrespect Christ, but that does not excuse his actions. The altar is clearly meant for divine worship alone: only the sacred vessels, Sacred Scripture and Missal can be placed on the altar along with candles and a crucifix. It’s not an issue of legalism, but an issue of reverence. We do not worship an aborted infant, nor is its body used for divine worship; therefore it is unfitting to place an aborted infant on the altar. I do not oppose his filming of an aborted infant; I oppose use of the altar for that other than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Unlike some people, I do not desire to see him defrocked over this one offense.  We need our priests and cannot afford to lose them because of one offense, especially if they have done so much good for the Church.  If anything he should be let go with a slap on the wrist.  A simple warning is needed.