MLP and the LGBT Movement

My first introduction to the brony fandom wasn’t a pleasant one.  I first encountered an Atheist brony who insulted me and aZ1 bunch of friends for being Catholic and he hypocritically used the motto, “I’m gonna love and tolerate the sh** out of you.”  Luckily I didn’t let him be the poster boy of the brony fandom.  However I noticed that we Christians are a minority within the fandom, especially we Catholics.

Rainbow Dash is very often incorporated by the LGBT movement into their protests.  People often assume she is gay because she has rainbow colored mane and has a very tomboyish personality.  Even Lauren Faust, the creator of the current My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters, stated that these two qualities do not necessarily make Dash a lesbian.  She included that Dash’s sexual preferences are not made known since it is a kid’s show.

I say since it’s a TV show geared particularly to little kids, they intentionally avoided getting too deep into romantic relationships except minor things like Rarity’s crush on Trenderhoof, Spike’s crush on Rarity (a love triangle, oh my!), Twilight Sparkle’s crush on Flash, Trenderhoof’s crush on Applejack and the marriage of Shining Armor and Cadence.


Obviously for this reason bronies have been stereotyped as liberal and/or Atheist.  Yet there are some out there who are neither and this blog is meant to break that stereotype and show there is more out there than what there seems.  By the way, Rainbow Dash is my favorite character and her male counterpart Rainbow Blitz is on my profile pic.

For more on Lauren Faust’s article, click here:


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