Governor Pence and the RFRA

A lot of hype has been going on about Governor Mike Pence (R) of Indiana signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and that this is discrimination against gays.  The bill is actually intended to protect the rights of businesses from being forced to compromise their religious and moral beliefs from people like those who are calling this bill discriminatory and equating it to segregation.  So, why should anybody be forced to take somebody else’s money?  Wouldn’t a lot of people turn down catering to the Westboro Baptist Church or neo-Nazis?  I’m not putting these on the same moral high ground, but it comes down to an issue of whether to compromise one’s moral conscience to serve people whose ethical standpoints you highly disagree with.  For one, if I was refused service for being Catholic, I’d take my business somewhere else; they don’t deserve my business anyway.  I’d rather go somewhere else than do business with somebody I know has negative feelings towards my faith.  People also forget that ex-President Bill Clinton signed this bill on a federal level during his presidency.  Then again, progressivism is always reforming even itself; what was fine for the progressive movement almost 20 years ago may not be today.



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