MLP and Communism


The two-part episode ‘The Cutie Map’ just aired as the premier of Season 5.  It was a pretty interesting introduction to the MLP universe; as I learned about the synopsis of the episode, I quickly began to think this reminds me of communism.


Sure enough the town looked like a communist utopia.  It consisted of a single road with buildings lined along that road and all the houses looked the same from afar and all the residents had the same cutie mark which was an equal sign which in recent days has become affiliated with same-sex unions rights.  The town’s mayor, Starlight Glimmer, introduces the Mane 6 to the town, even as saying all the residents are the same except by their names … and obviously their looks.  Rainbow Dash had the same exact mindset as me; that the town was ‘boring’ and was it was a joke for Starlight to demand the Mane 6 to give away their cutie marks.  At this time, however, they did not quite know what was going on; some of them like Dash did have a feeling, but Fluttershy was sucked into the notion of equality.  It started with a Jim Jones vibe, an infamous cult leader in the 1970’s who led his cult to mass suicide, but at first used charm to attract members, then demand they give into what is called ‘Christian socialism’, a christened form of Karl Marx’s teachings of redistribution of wealth so that nobody has more than the other, and later by forbidding them to leave the cult and later mass suicide to prevent members from leaving.

This relates to socialism at its core: private property is seen as a sign of power over others and so socialism forbids it and that it must be controlled by the government or the public.  Starlight mentions how cutie marks are seen as a way of boasting about something they have which others don’t.  To eliminate this, she puts a spell on a pony to remove their cutie mark as is later revealed.  Eventually Twilight Sparkle teaches Starlight a lesson in friendship which she does not take to heart: that is Twilight did not learn magic on her own, but that her friendships made her who she was.

Saint John Paul II was  major critic of socialism and being a native of Poland might have contributed to that.  He called it a totalitarian and atheistic ideology in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (no. 2425).  Socialism has been known for its oppression of civilians, by repressing them in taking away individuality all for the community and going as far to state terrorism.  To top that, the Church was always seen as the enemy due to what she calls being interested in the “material well-being” of man (Blessed John XXIII, Mater et Magistra, no. 34).  Thus socialist governments have persecuted the Church.  She got away of their atheistic, materialist agenda.  The Church’s alternative is the doctrine of subsidiarity which insists that “the state nor any larger society should substitute itself for the initiative and responsibility of individuals and intermediary bodies” (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 1894).


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