Obama’s Taqiyyah

Barack Obama

A lot of people think Obama is secretly a Muslim.  I do not think so.  Yet it really does not matter because either way he and his administration have created a lot of harm in the Middle East, from arming jihadist Muslims in Syria, Egypt and Libya, to making an alliance with Iran, to setting GITMO detainees free.  He has done all this.

President Obama has repeatedly stated that Islam is peaceful and tolerant (though quite the contrary if you read the Quran, the sunnah, the hadith, commentary and Islamic history).  Not only that but he has pointed out the “terrible deeds [made] in the name of Christ” during the Crusades back a few months ago and just today spoke about “less than loving Christians”.  This man never seems to stick to the subject of Islamic extremism as seen particularly by ISIS and Boko Haram and also the persecution of Christians in virtually every Islamic nation, which in many of these such as Saudi Arabia and Iran Christians are banned from evangelizing, praying in public and building churches.  Obama is supposed to be Christian; if he is then he needs to step to the plate and defend Christians being persecuted especially in the Islamic world.  He just mentioned “we defend the oppressed”; well, then the Christians in the Islamic world are oppressed, so help them.

It is funny how he refuses to even do as much as to affiliate Muslims with wrongdoing; so whenever he mentions ISIS or Boko Haram for example, he uses virtually every word to describe them except ‘Muslims’.  Yet, he is quick to refer to those ‘nasty’ Christians who criticize another religion or believe anything other than an institution of one man and one woman is sin.  This is typical of the left too; he is certainly not the only one and will not be the last.  Are there bad Christians out there?  Yes.  Without a doubt, and I’ve seen plenty, besides the point none of us is perfect (as we all lack that grace to be free from personal sin), many are a bad example.  But is the President really so obsessed about bad Christians that he refuses to admit a bigger issue?  You can only mention the flaws of Christians so many times before it gets old and it got old a long time ago.

He reportedly said, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” (Audacity of Hope, p. 261).  It is reported that is dad was Muslim and he reportedly went to a madrassa — an Islamic school — in Indonesia, though that is hard to believe seeing that he was supposedly poor and it would cost too much money to move there.  This could be Obama’s way of reaching out to the Muslim community — and the poor community — but it is even explained in his autobiography that many events are exaggerated, made up and some names were changed.

For those who do not know, taqiyyah is the Islamic art of deception.  Muhammad reportedly used it against those with whom he previously made treaties.  He might go join Catholic clergy like Cardinal Dolan at the Al Smith Dinner or Pope Francis at the Holy See, but his policies are anti-Catholic: e.g. abortion, same-sex unions, giving aid to Muslims and Islamic nations which persecute Catholics.  Intentional or not, these policies are anti-Catholic.  But we cant’ talk about that.6


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