Marco Rubio Thinks Some are Born Gay

Official Portrait

‘Cause, baby, you were born this way.  On a more serious note, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) came out not too long ago changing his opinion on same-sex unions as “marriages” because his son came out as gay.  Now more recently he stated some people are born gay.  This is known as “the gay gene” which is contrary to science.

Scientists and psychiatrists have repeatedly shown there is no gay gene although there is a sex gene besides the gender one.  However there is no gay gene of its own.  They have shown that sexual preference is due to personal upbringing and life experiences.  A study was recently done on two identical twins — meaning they had the same hair color, same eye color, same size and same weight — one was heterosexual and the other was homosexual and both were female.  Twins are a result of the same fertilized egg or zygote splitting into two parts.  So they have the same genetic code.

Am I saying this means same-sex attraction can be easily replaced with opposite-sex attraction?  No.  Like any learned habit, same-sex attraction normally is not replaced with the alternative unless the person happens to be bisexual.


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