A Culture of Sissies


Even those who are pro-homosexual should feel offended by the recent insensitive remarks by a lesbian couple that they were “mentally raped” by a practicing Christian couple who refused to bake a cake for their wedding.  So, they proceeded to sue the bakery for over $130,000 and won.


I can only imagine how offended actual victims of rape feel when they see such insensitive comments made by people with an obvious megalomaniacal attitude that they feel they been persecuted just because somebody says “no” to their request.  That’s the word people fear nowadays: No.  God forbid somebody ever say “no” to you for something you don’t even need to survive.  People are being killed in other parts of the world — some for homosexuality — and this couple is having a hissy fit over not being given a wedding cake which is symbolic of the approval of their homosexual lifestyle and they’re the ones being “mentally raped”?  Not to mention the fact that this mom and pop bakery had to shut down because it was bled dry of virtually every penny it had.  Think of this couple and their family, or the employees laid off and their families.  And that lesbian couple calls that a success?!  I wonder what the LGBT community thinks about that.  You know, we hear so much about bullying (especially of gays) and this is certainly a case of bullying.

More and more you can’t say anything without the fear of being sued or in some rare cases arrested because it offends people.  The very people voicing for diversity of opinion are trying to destroy it.  This attitude is even promoted often in schools: you have to be “deeply saddened” by somebody’s remarks you disagree with instead of moving on.  You then proceed to seek revenge on them by doing something worse than the evil or alleged evil done to you by virtually destroying their reputation, sue them for everything they have and make them rot in jail.  One of the tenets of socialism is that the government controls businesses and more than before it seems governments can dictate moral decisions even in the smallest things.

This gay couple has a lot of thinking to do.  Hopefully they will see the error of their ways and undo the wrongs they’ve done and apologize to those whom they’ve wronged, from the bakery owners, employees and their families to rape victims, their families and their friends.


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