Michael Coren Turns His Back on the Church


It was recently announced that Michael Coren, Anglo-Canadian TV host and author of Why Catholics are Right, has gone over to the Anglican Church of Canada.  Apparently he lost Catholic viewers last year after he announced his support for the LGBT rights movement.  So, no wonder he turned his back on the Catholic Church for the Anglican Communion.  It is really disappointing too.  He was a devout Catholic from what I saw.  He became an Evangelical Protestant in his youth, then was fully integrated into the Catholic Church, then relapsed into Protestantism, then reverted to Catholicism and now has left for Anglicanism.


Henry VIII, first Supreme Head of the Church of England

Once the church of the monarchs who ordered beheadings of those who questioned their authority over the English Church has now become the church of consecrating same-sex unions as “marriages” and “ordaining” women into the priesthood.  Funny how the Church of England has changed so drastically within five centuries.

If Michael thinks he can join the Anglican Church of Canada and still have the Sacraments he will have to rethink that.  Leo XIII stated that “a new rite for conferring Holy Orders was publicly introduced under Edward VI, the true Sacrament of Order as instituted by Christ lapsed, and with it the hierarchical succession” (cf. Apostolicae Curae, no. 3).  He concluded that “Ordinations conferred according to the Edwardine rite should be considered null and void” (no. 15).  The reasons for Anglican Orders being “null and void” is that in the Ordinal there is “no clear mention of the sacrifice, of consecration, of the priesthood (sacerdotium), and of the power of consecrating and offering sacrifice but, as we have just stated, every trace of these things which had been in such prayers of the Catholic rite as they had not entirely rejected, was deliberately removed and struck out” (no. 30).  Because Anglican Orders are invalid, all other Sacraments requiring a priest are invalid; that means Confession, Eucharist, Holy Orders, Confirmation and Extreme Unction.  This remains to be in effect as no Church document has changed this ruling.  Many Anglican churches might have a Catholic feel (they are called High Church Anglicans), but all Sacraments requiring a priest are invalid.

As mentioned earlier, the ordination of women is automatically invalid as Jesus Christ Himself ordained only men as apostles who ordained only men as priests, deacons, bishops and apostles, and the Church later defined this as dogma.  As mentioned earlier, a marriage between two or more people of the same sex is automatically invalid as Christ Himself instituted marriage between one man and one woman only.  Therefore, nobody even a validly ordained priest can confer these two things as Sacraments.

On top of that there are various groups within the Anglican Communion: High Church (Anglo-Catholic), Low Church (Evangelical Anglican) and broad church (liberal).  One believes in the Real Presence, the other rejects it in favor of memorialism and the other is inconclusive.  Two reject the ordination of women and the other practices it.  One observes a Catholic liturgy, the other rejects it in favor of a Protestant service and the other is somewhere in the middle.  This is the theological mess Anglicanism has become.  More bizarrely the Anglican Communion claims to be both Catholic and Reformed.  Let’s just add that the English Church was started by a man sent by the Pope, not a monarch independent of Rome: that man was Saint Augustine of Canterbury.


The Right Rev. Gene Robinson, Bishop Emeritus of New Hampshire

First openly gay Anglican cleric in a relationship and devout anti-Catholic


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