Atheists – Trolling Christians


The Atheists are saying this.

“We are offended by your public display of religion. We are asking you… no… we are demanding you to take down this display or else we will sue you for everything you’ve got. Being allowed to live in this country, believing as we want and speaking as we want is not enough; we need you Catholics to accommodate to our lifestyle. We know you paid a lot of money to build this statue, and we want you pay a lot more money to demolish it or relocate it, otherwise we will sue you for a lot of money so I can have a vacation house in Mallorca or Waikiki.”


On one hand there are the Muslims who complain in a predominantly Christian society that they are surrounded by Christian art and on the other hand there are Atheists who get offended by every hint of Christian art.  Don’t they have anything better to do than sue people over being offended by artistic expressions of religion?  Honestly.  It’s like they love to instigate.  Anyways, this stuff happens pretty often.  Here we have the Freedom from Religion Foundation which aggressively advertises Atheism, even putting up billboards next to churches, and we’re the fanatics.  They complain that the majority of a nation is of a particular religion and celebrates particular holidays such as Christmas and Easter Sunday.  It’s not our fault they’re offended.  In spite of all the liberties they have they still claim to be persecuted.

Things like this remind me how this first brony I came across was an Atheist troll who loved to attack Christians, especially us Catholics.  Then he hypocritically talked about love and tolerance and acted like he actually had debate skills.  Funny how so many Atheists can watch a show that has so much magic.  Even one of the episodes taught that just because you cannot prove something does not mean it cannot exist.



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