Friendship Through the Ages


A new Equestria Girls short film came out.  I liked the others; this one not so much; I had more of a m’eh reaction to it.

It starts off with Twilight Sparkle playing the piano, as if playing some romantic tune, as she wears what looks like an upside down tulip with piano keys on it.  Meanwhile Sunset Shimmer sits on the side of the piano listening as Twilight plays.


I thought Fluttershy’s dress actually looked like something she’d wear: it was the flower child kind of dress and vest; I’m not sure the German Alpine hairstyle fit the dress, but it did fit the background perfectly as it had that Bavarian Alpine or Sound of Music appearance; if she wore a dirndl then she’d perfectly fit in.  A dirndl by the way is the traditional Alpine dress women wear in Bavaria, Austria, South Tyrol, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.  It really did remind me of Julie Andrews singing The Song of Music at the beginning of the movie with the same name.

So Rarity kind of looks like a spoof of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club by the Beatles with that very colorful and extravagant captain suit with glitter and yellow straps, wearing goggles in the meantime.  Then Sunset Shimmer pops out of a flower that just grew out of ground, though an obviously surrealistic yet appropriate entry in a music video.


Then comes my favorite character, Rainbow Dash, and she definitely looks punkish in this music video with fishnet stockings, a bunch of ear piercings, a mostly purple blouse, a black choker necklace, a tightly done ponytail that makes her hair look very short from the front, and spiked boots.  At first I was like, “Dear God, what have they done to her.”  You do get to see more of her personality from the stickers she has on her guitar: apparently she’s an anarchist because of the infamous A logo affiliated with anarchism, a British flag — so she must like the Beatles and other British bands — her cutie mark which here shows she loves to rock, and crossed bones.  Then she throws her guitar down to the ground in stereotypical rocker fashion, smashing it into pieces.

After that we have a country singing Applejack who actually looks the part and sings just like a real country singer.  So as appropriate for the scene Sunset enters riding upon a horse.  And Applejack, living up to her name, feeds the horse an apple.  Afterwards she and Sunset dance a country dance I’ve seen quite a few times before.


Last but not least is Pinkie Pie, who slides down a keyboard and dressed in typical 90’s fashion, including the hairstyle.  Behind her there is a 90’s like background as seen in shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire and Saved by the Bell.

Over all I’d give it a B-.  Much of the movement wasn’t fluid and looked like the Mane 6 were puppets.  In addition, I’m not really into musicals and I much preferred the other short videos because of that.  That might not be their clothing for the next movie, and hopefully so, because I had to get used to Dash’s tight ponytail that makes her look almost bald on the sides of her head and that anarchist logo, and she doesn’t need her cutie mark on the sides of her head.  But I do have to say I liked the Pinkie part; the whole getup and background gave me nostalgia for the 90’s.


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