Citizen Kane and the Archetypical Democrat


I remember watching Citizen Kane for a film studies class I had and immediately when I heard Kane’s policies I thought to myself: he sounds just like a Democrat.  Yes, I certainly was not born when it was made; I’m a 25-year-old guy born in West Germany the year it was reunited with East Germany.  However I saw the politics behind the movie was very relevant to our times.

Kane starts off a poor boy who goes off to live with a rich tycoon and ends up working in a newspaper factory.  He later runs against an opponent for some political office and he starts and ends as a charismatic leader.  During the elections, he slings mud at his opponent, accusing him of caring only for the rich and caring nothing for the poor, then promises to get good pay for all the citizens, labor unions to be strong and for an end to political and economic corruption.  Sounds all good, right?  Well, once voted into office, Kane becomes exceedingly rich, powerful and corrupt.  Ultimately breaking his promises, Kane builds a giant palace named Xanadu where only he and his wife live.  He gradually neglects his wife’s emotional needs to the point she leaves him and he is all alone in his palace.  Funny how Kane looks an awful lot like a comical depiction of a humanoid devil: slick hair, a thick moustache, dark suit, and cold eyes.

It reminds me of all the empty promises so many Democrats give to Americans, then break them, cover up for them, silence them in whatever ways they can and get into major problems with their spouses.  Scandalous men like Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner who got caught in love affairs; Hillary Clinton lying about poverty and yet making over $25 million last year in speeches; Barack Obama’s healthcare plan causing more people to lose healthcare.  The scandals go on and on.


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