Doomsday Preacher Say the Darnest Things!


I finally read through a book called “The Answer” that was placed on our car windows at college and like I expected it was a bunch of bile. For one, it cites no sources. Typical of doomsday preachers, it fabricates a timeline for the end of days. It also says the Catholic Church makes you “re-direct your Love and devotion to the Saints, to Mary, to Popes and Archbishops: anywhere but Jesus Christ” [1], without taking into account the Catholic explanation about how they focus our minds more on Jesus or how the Jews looked to the prophets and patriarchs to come closer to God, and states that the Church gives “a License to Sin” [2], not keeping in mind the concept of a perfect act of contrition, a firm purpose of amendment or the fallen nature of humanity making sinlessness a gradual achievement; then comes the claim of “the Vatican’s Corporate Empire” [3], not keeping in mind what the money goes or that the Catholic Church runs more homeless shelters, orphanages, hospitals and hospices than any other institution. In addition there were several inconsistencies: (1) it claimed that fundamentalist Protestant groups have “a rigid, strict, judgmental prison-system”, yet they are condemning every Christian group possible for something; (2) it mentions being “free from fears and guilt” [4], yet almost every page talks about an imminent thermo-nuclear war; (3) it talks about “freedom from sin”, yet accuses other Churches and ecclesial communities about being “judgmental” and/or “rigid, strict, judgmental” [5]. Furthermore they quote the Bible a lot; without actually analyzing the texts and furthermore ignore what the Church Fathers and Doctors and Ecumenical Councils said. It’s just more doomsday prophecy. They are fear-mongers who make up predictions, challenge others to prove them wrong — even promising to give a cash reward (yet we know they won’t give it either way) — to scare people who can be easily sucked into their movement so the cash can go into their pockets.


Like I have mentioned before there are no records of a Trinitarian group besides the Catholic, Orthodox and Assyrian Churches before the Reformation.  Non-Catholic groups prior to that which rejected the Sacraments, the veneration of Mary, the angels and the saints, or a sacerdotal hierarchy happened to have been non-Trinitarian groups of absolute monotheists like the Arians or polytheistic groups like the Gnostics.  In addition to this they reject core dogmas that Catholics, Orthodox, Assyrians and Protestants agree on such as the Incarnation, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection in addition to the hypostatic union.  They furthermore rejected the Canon of Scriptures established at the Synods of Rome, Hippo and Carthage in the late 4th century.  So how can they claim the Bible for themselves especially if they reject the Church which established the Canon in the first place?  If they reject many of the doctrines of the Catholic Church like the veneration of saints and angels or the ministerial priesthood, then how do they know what they have as the Bible is the Bible, is canonical and is doctrinally true?  Furthermore, the Holy Trinity was defined as dogma before the Canon of Scripture was established; the Church could not have possibly looked to the Bible alone for the doctrine of the Trinity.  To make a long story short, fundamentalist preachers of any sort are in no authority to tell Catholics what is true doctrine or false doctrine.  How can they possibly talk about an invisible Church if prior to the Reformation heretical groups rejected dogmas Protestants today believe in like the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, the Canon of Scriptures or the hypostatic union?  If they say we should read the Bible for ourselves, then why should be read their material?  They tell us to read the Bible for ourselves, but also get upset when we come up with a different interpretation.  They reject papal infallibility, which only applies when the pope sits ex cathedra defining doctrine of faith and morals, yet they believe everything they say is Gospel; this is Montanism; when Tertullian left the Church for Montanism out of mockery he hypocritically said, “The Pontifex Maximus — that is, the bishop of bishops — issues an edict: ‘I remit, to such as have discharged (the requirements of) repentance, the sins both of adultery and of fornication[6].'”  Doomsday preachers are frauds.  They are scam artists who pray on lies and fear.

Scripture warns “according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears”, and instead “will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables” [7].  Such preachers “distort [Scripture] to their own destruction” [8].  They do so by reinventing their own timelines and promoting them as unquestionable truth.  They do so by ignoring Sacred Tradition, which Scripture calls us obey [9], and they reject the Church which “is the pillar and ground of truth” [10].

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