Pope Francis vs. Secularist Education


The liberals must be so upset again that the Holy Father has disappointed them yet again.  This time, the Pope tackled the education system, mentioning that so-called ‘experts’ “have taken the role of parents even in the most intimate aspects of education” such as faith and sexuality.  The parents on the other hand have become “[d]eprived of their role” in raising their own children to become submissive to the state.  They can’t teach their children about going to Mass regularly, going to Confession regularly, praying, waiting till marriage for sex, but the schools can teach your kids to not go to Mass, not go to Confession, not to pray but have sex whenever you want as long as you use a condom or birth control pills.  These so-called experts turn around on the parents and accuse them “of authoritarianism, favoritism, conformism, and of emotional repression”.  You can read more of the article here.


You don’t need to homeschool your kids for this to apply for you; this is for all parents and their children.  It is ironic how we hear so much about teachers and professors public schools doing exactly what they are not supposed to do which is talk about religion in a way which gives one favor over others.  Yet, a spiritual agnosticism is being promoted by many teachers and professors to the point we hear of students being suspended or scolded for having contrary religious beliefs.  This is an abuse of power and yet it hardly ever gets corrected.  Not only that, but such displays also do not pertain to what the curriculum says.  Recently a teacher was put on leave after allegedly stomping on the American flag during class.  There are people out there in the academic field who would deprive you of an education to attack your national identity or your faith.  I’d like to see them stomp on an ISIS flag or burn one for a change.



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