Ted Cruz vs. Gay Lobby


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slams liberal journalism in a recent interview.  You might remember when he and several other GOP candidates were asked if they would attend a gay wedding.  Cruz gives an epic response and this time he is blunt.

You might remember I wrote an article not too long ago on how we live in a culture of sissies.  Cruz exposed the culture for what it is and it consists of people who are concerned primarily for their own wants rather than the needs of others.  Terrible things are happening in lands controlled by ISIS and the liberal media asks stupid questions like which presidential candidate would attend a gay wedding.  Quite frankly the liberal media and the gay lobby have betrayed the very people they claim to defend.

Yet they almost always talk about the bigoted Christians and how they don’t imitate Christ’s love, then ask dumb personal questions instead of big questions about national security, the unborn, the sick, the elderly and the dying.  This same crowd wants to talk about human rights which to them apparently means force others into accepting a sinful lifestyle.


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