Al Sharpton – Another Liberation Theologian


“Rev.” Al Sharpton

Race pimp daddy Al Sharpton is also known for preaching heresy.  He believes same-sex union is a civil rights issue and that killing the unborn is a right of women.

Make no mistake: this isn’t just anti-Republicanism; it’s also anti-Catholicism.  It may not be explicitly anti-Catholic, but it has the undertones of anti-Catholic rhetoric by fighting for what the Church deems sinful acts and behaviors.  I remember he once mentioned Santorum stands for values “nobody cares about” anymore.  Is this Christian attitude?  What did he learn in seminary?  Apart from the fact Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was talking about racial segregation, not doctrinal disagreements, or that Jesus Christ preached more than He did works, the “Reverend” Sharpton thinks the Gospel is all about community organizing, not about evangelization, repentance, performing works of penance, etc.  This is classical of liberation theology which real theologians like Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI as Cardinal Ratzinger said that liberation theologians “seem to put liberation from sin in second place” to “liberation from servitude of an earthly and temporal kind” [1] and other issues like poverty in first place.

Has Sharpton ever read the Church Fathers, Ecumenical Councils, or other Church sources, such as the Didache on abortion?  He is a prime example of what is wrong with Protestantism.  There is no fidelity to the Magisterium or Tradition, only to Scripture and one’s own interpretation thereof.  In Protestantism nobody can question your interpretation of Scripture because yours is guided by the Holy Spirit…or so you say; apparently this is what is taught in so many Protestant seminaries.  So, who’s to say Sharpton’s interpretation is the correct one if I can go to another or even rely on my own interpretation?  This is the fundamental problem with Protestantism, even more so liberalism.  If Sharpton is going to pick and choose what parts of Scripture to implement in his political agenda, then he may as well stop playing the Jesus card to support social welfare seeing that he does not approve of Republicans using Jesus to stop abortion and same-sex unions to name a few.  If Jesus were a liberation theologian, then He would have freed Judaea from the Romans, which He never did but instead said, “My kingdom is not of this world.”  If He wanted to end poverty, then telling the rich man Bartimaeus to sell all his possessions was a clear contradiction and He would have said, “Blessed are the rich in spirit” instead of “Blessed are the poor in spirit”.  These types corrupt the faith of the poor by making them envy what others have.  Ironic how they say, “Blessed are the poor in spirit” while trying to bring people out of poverty to vilify the rich, and this message is coming straight from the mouths of rich people like Sharpton.

Right, Sharpton.  “Real Christians help heal people; they don’t talk about it; their works speak for themselves.”  Have you ever done anything besides make millions from trying to start a race war?  Take your own advice.



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