Rainbow Dash – 20% Cooler!


I think Rainbow Dash became my favorite originally because she reminded me so much of the 90’s and many of us have that 90’s nostalgia; Dashie actually has similar hairstyle to Kid Vid of the Burger King Kids Club, which I remember during my first years in Germany. I love her energy; she makes witty jokes and loves to stay active. I love working out regularly (although I haven’t played sports in a while – mostly because I don’t know who will want to) and love joking around which is something I’ve always done although it hasn’t really improved others’ interaction with me much.  I too love apple cider; every opportunity I have to drink some, like Dash, I will take the advantage of it.  I also remember I was first introduced to Friendship is Magic and was too afraid to show it to other people; but eventually I did.  Read It and Weep like Rainbow Dash, I thought I wouldn’t like certain things, but when I tried it I really liked it.


Dash and I love to be blunt, work out, play sports when we can, relax, are very competitive and hate losing; when it comes to competition: whether it’s video games, tennis, golf, soccer, whatever. I am driven to give my best to prove myself to others that I am good at things and possibly attract the girls. I do hate losing, but I am eager to keep on.  As stated before, she was identified on a meme with ADHD (which I originally was diagnosed with, only later to be undiagnosed) due to lack of paying attention in certain subjects and dozing off and freaking out due to fear of failure. Fear of failure is a common thing and each of the Mane 6 in their own way show this in spite of having different personalities.  I remember Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3; like Rainbow Dash, I too have my unique way of learning and have a hard time focusing on certain tasks I think are boring, so I dose off, play around, fiddle, or whatever; I am very good at multitasking though. Maybe I get it from my dad who did that in the Air Force. I too struggled with studying for tests (i.e. math and chemistry), and I also had a tendency to freak out about hard tests.  Like Dash, I learned I have my own way of studying and doing things.


This may or may not be a tribute to the 80’s and 90’s during the early MLP generations. Either way, it works for me. The 90’s live on.  Did I mention that we both think winter is the best time of the year?



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