Cardinal Burke – Fidei Defensor


His Eminence, Leo Cardinal Burke, S.T.B.

Cardinal Burke is the Chuck Norris of the Catholic hierarchy.  He takes on heresy like you wouldn’t believe and the media hates it.  Sure, the title Fidei Defensor might have been reserved to monarchs, but in a way he is monarchial because as a cardinal, he is a prince of the Church, and what a true prince he is.

Cardinal Burke spoke of “the man-crisis” in the Church.  The modern Church is lacking in masculinity to the near exclusion of femininity. From very flowery songs, to “activities in the parish and even the liturgy” being “influenced by women”, thus a largely female demographic in churches, to poor catechesis, political correctness, etc., this is a reason why there is a lack of Catholic youth answering the call to vocations of priesthood and diaconate. It’s getting a little better, but prayers are needed and more activity on the part of Catholic youth, especially young men.

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke on the Catholic “Man-crisis” and what to do about it

It is unfortunate, and I don’t like to sound like a cynical critic of the clergy, but there are not a few out there among the clergy who aren’t exactly willing to give an explanation for the things we believe and practice as Saint Peter tells us to do (rf. 1 Peter 3:15).  Quite a few give a lot of leeway for laypersons to as they please with the parish and the liturgy.  You can’t say the same about Cardinal Burke though.  He has ordained a significant number of men into the priesthood compared to many other fellow cardinals and he has raveled far greater distances to celebrate Mass and ordain men into the priesthood.


Pray for the clergy.  Pray for more calls to the priesthood.


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