Moderate Muslims vs. Radical Muslims


Outcry from the Muslim community is largely focused on non-Muslim responses to the news

What’s frustrating about the moderate Muslims is that for a large part they are more concerned about the anti-Islamic backlash to problems like jihad and Sharia law than they are to other Muslims resorting to jihad and Sharia law whilst using Islamic texts to justify their acts.  If these extremists are not true Muslims, then the moderate Muslims should put more emphasis on these radical Muslims than on non-Muslims who think so negatively about Islam because of these Muslims.  Of course, they cannot and they resort to accusing non-Muslims of preaching hatred when they call out the extremist practices of jihad and Sharia law.  There can only be two possibilities for this: (1) these moderate Muslims were not told of the passages in Islamic texts preaching jihad and Sharia law and thus they truly believe those radical Muslims are not true Muslims, or (2) they know about the Islamic text passages about jihad and Sharia, and thus they hide these things whilst falsely preaching coexistence and multiculturalism with the goal in mind of the West surrendering more of the rights of non-Muslims until Muslims have the upper hand than non-Muslims in the West, thus able to manipulate public opinion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and the freedom of worship.  If in the latter case, this would be a prime example of taqiyya which I mentioned earlier.  I am sure many Muslims have sincerely been integrated into Western life and admire Western principles; legitimate grievances are not meant to put all Muslim individuals under the same umbrella for stereotype.  However said grievances exist to bring it to the attention of the media, the academia, public officials and clergy that there is more of a problem than just the terrorism and it’s not a 1% issue.  The left seems to be obsessed with the 1% term no matter how much proof there is to the contrary disproving a 1% on many things from the number of jihadist Muslims to the number of rich Americans.  Here is one of many examples of “moderate” Muslims who are not consistent with their label.

Pretty funny how they emphasize “American-Islamic Relations”, right?  Like they don’t want to be considered part of American society.  Anyways, if groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, Hezbollah and Hamas are not Islamic as CAIR and others say (though it has been caught funding Hamas), then how can they be so offended by Memorial Day?  CAIR is known for its inconsistencies.  They make a reputation of themselves for going after media portrayals they say of Muslims in a negative way.  But hold on a minute.  I thought these jihadists weren’t true Muslims.  Islamic lobby groups like CAIR play word games: they like to say they reject the extremism of groups like ISIS, but fail to mention how they secretly endorse Hamas.  Remember when Al-Qaeda publicly called ISIS extremist?  Just because a Muslim or Islamic group says they reject extremism does not mean they are true moderates, and yet the media repeatedly fall into this trap.  Even worse, even politicians and professors fall for it.  That is why whenever somebody calls out “moderate” Muslims like those in CAIR for example, the media, the government and the academia go after them and label them hate preachers.


As Christians we should know that the true solution is the conversion of Muslims, not the secularization of Muslims or Islam.  The “moderate” Muslims (whether truly moderate or not) know about the passages in Islamic texts that jihadist Muslims quote to justify their actions, thereby many of these so-called “moderate” Muslims continue to remain silent either because they fear this will lead them away from their religion (whether or not they are afraid of death for apostasy), or because they attempt to compromise their religion with Western values (and are afraid of being targeted by jihadists).  For a while now I have included many petitions including the conversion of non-Christians to Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church during my praying the Holy Rosary.  I remember the Immaculate Virgin Mother in imagery standing upon the crescent moon which to me speaks of her conquering over Islam; she is after all the Destroyer of Heresies.  Islam is often called a heresy as Muhammad distorted “almost all the testimonies of the Old and New Testaments” and promoted them through “the power of his arms” as Saint Thomas Aquinas put it in his work [1].  Moderate Muslims who remain silent and/or silence those who talk about Islamic persecution of non-Muslims are part of the problem, not the solution.

[1] Saint Thomas Aquinas. Summa contra gentiles 1:6:4. trans.: Fr. Joseph Kenny, O.P. New York: Hanover House. 1957. <;.



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