Smoke Weed Every Day


Sorry if this is a little racy; it’s not meant to offend but to express what the name suggests

I don’t know where I stand on the issue of marijuana to be honest and this article isn’t intended to argue whether it should be legal or illegal.  The article is meant to express the ridiculousness of a “church of cannabis” as a group has recently called themselves.

A friend shared this article recently about a Church of Cannabis in Indiana.

Historically speaking marijuana does have a long record of use in pagan rituals to cause hallucinations.  Hindus in India and Nepal make an intoxicating drink called bhang during the love festival Holi out of cannabis which is said to be the creation of Shiva.  In ancient China, it was used for medication and rituals to see demons.  Ancient Germanic tribes affiliated hemp with the Nordic goddess Freya, the goddess of love and fertility, and was used in an erotic high festival.  The Celts also used hemp in their rituals.

According to the article, Levin argues that this smoking weed ritual is likened to “the underage drinking that takes place at Christian Holy Communion”.  The big difference is children only have a sip at Holy Communion, but that’s really not the point I want to make.  Quite a few religious groups and/or social clubs have slapped the term “Church” to their name; often intentionally to mock Christianity or religion in general.  Examples include the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Church of Euthanasia and the Church of Bacon.  This is why I say the Church of Cannabis is ridiculous; I understand cannabis is a legitimate part of certain religions, so that’s not why; but I say this because it uses a controversial topic that is also affiliated with pagan rituals and puts a Christian term to its name in order to get tax exempt status.  Term ‘Church’ comes from the Greek term Κύριος for the Lord as in Εκκλησία του Κυρίου (the Lord’s assembly).


So, the “Church of Cannabis” is a mock religion using a term originally used by us Christians to identify our assemblies and their ritual consists of smoking weed… probably on a daily basis.  If so, the title of this article is appropriate as it comes from Snoop Dogg’s famous hit Smoke Weed Every Day.  I’m not condoning the lifestyle and I have never smoked it before, but I thought it would be funny to use this name for this topic.



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