Pamela Gellar vs. the Media


Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer, friends and compadres in the anti-jihad movement

Recently Pamela Gellar was interviewed by Chris Cuomo and gave him something to think about.  You can find the film here.

Gellar is more Catholic than Cuomo.  She even called out the media on its hypocrisy of mocking Christianity and in particular Catholicism, even mentioning “Mother Mary” (her own words).  Cuomo sat there blinded by the media’s hypocrisy and continued to tout about human decency.  If the media did not mock religions based on human decency they wouldn’t be mocking the Catholic faith, supporting those who do and would criticize those who do so, but instead they give each other a pass on mocking Catholicism while they continue to be politically correct about Islam out of fear.

Even Charlie Hebdo fired one of its artists based on the accusation of “Islamophobia”.  It’s not that I really liked Hebdo in the first place; they’re part of the cultural rot of the West.  Now they’re even worse since now they make double standards as to whom they vilify.

The list goes on an on about the secularist media hypocrisy.  Worse yet when people call them out for it, they turn it around into the accuser being a bigot who is preaching hatred.  They are hell-bent on assassinating the character of another person with whom they disagree while refusing to connect the dots.  They bring up bogus like heterosexual Christian men don’t know what it’s like to suffer when we see vast majorities of Muslims in the West on welfare and their religion cannot be criticized whilst the religion of the majority can be mocked.  The political correctness preachers like to think of Christians who call out the double standard as crying, “Mom, he started it” when they refuse to criticize non-Christians of being judgmental or hateful yet never cease to make the same accusations about Christians.

Pamela Gellar (a Jewess) and Robert Spencer (a Melkhite Greek Catholic) are very courageous to stand up for those who are silenced for (1) expressing their belief and (2) for criticizing a religion whose sacred text tells its followers to “slay them wherever ye catch them” [1] and a number of other violent, imperialistic and oppressive commands.  A few years ago I left liberalism because I saw how hypocritical and deceitful it is.  I believed in almost everything liberalism stands for, abortion being one of the very few exceptions.  I witnessed first hand reverse racism from several people and I was penalized instead of my roommate who was extremely irresponsible.  To put a short story short: liberalism cannot be taken seriously on its moral high horse of political correctness as it applies only to particular groups.  The next time a political correctness cop tells you you’re just looking for who started it, tell them it’s not about who started what but that liberalism does not practice what it preaches.

[1] Quran 2:191


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