Miley Cyrus – Those Silly Christians


Miley Cyrus, former child star, a.k.a. Hanna Montana

Recently the former child star Miley Cyrus came out bashing Christians for believing in “fairy tales” she compared to Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

Sure, while it was particularly targeted towards fundamentalist Protestants — and Miley grew up in the Southern Baptist Convention — and fundamentalist Protestants do believe some crazy things, the same accusation has been leveled against Catholics.  Ultimately her comments have the same effect whether they were directed towards a particular group of Christians or not.  So here are some rhetorical questions for Miley — she probably won’t see this but they will be beneficial for others as well who might think the same way.

What’s the bigger “fairy tale”? The “fairy tales” in the Bible you can apply to your own life and faith or the fairy tale that the person you hook up with will be your soul mate for life just because you get intimate with them? It’s not our fault she learned that the hard way.  She does not have to try to ruin our lives just because her ex-boyfriend ruined hers.  I wouldn’t even say he ruined it for her; sure, what he did was very wrong and he hurt her badly, but she could have picked up her cross and continued with her life, but instead she freaked out went off the deep edge.  The rest would have to be between her and a psychiatrist, but I can see how her current music and attire reflect the pain she has had after the breakup; it is so drastically different than from before the breakup.  She was very beautiful too although she still has a certain charm to her.  Anyways, this isn’t really the place for gossip and I keep my posts as impersonal as possible, so I don’t want to go into further details about theories as to why she is acting this way.

The point here is that those who talk the most about the so-called “fairy tales” in the Bible tend to believe in fairy tales themselves, like the idea that they person they have sex with or lose their virginity to will be their soul mate, or that love is love (when the preachers of it themselves make exceptions), or believing the fairy tale of a tolerant Islamic history, or believing heterosexual Christian men have an upper hand and suffer little if not at all.  So, who are they to talk about fairy tales?


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