NAACP – Race Bending


Rachel Dolezal, a prominent NAACP leader

The NAACP, an organization known for seeing racism even where there is none, has now been exposed of having a leading figure fake her ethnic identity for many years.

Her parents said she is as white as can be yet has been lying for years about being black to get recognition and benefits for being part of a group that fights specifically for the rights of black Americans.  In other words, she was passing off for being something she wasn’t to get benefits from the intended ethnic group that gets benefits from this institution.

This seems to be a thing.  Leftist groups, known for their lack of belief in objective morality, think they can bend the rules and get away with it.  It wouldn’t be the first time either: several ACORN employees were caught helping clients lie on their tax forms.  The SPLC has been exposed as a not so non-profit organization whose leaders have big vacation houses in tropical destination sites.  The Obama administration has released many GITMO prisoners, covered up for the Benghazi scandal, and committed a number of other morally questionable things.  While I’m not saying conservatives are free from scandal, the number of scandals among liberals is astronomical compared to that of conservatives.  Yet so many Americans continue to blindly believe in these people.


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