The Original Sin and Contraception


The Garden of Eden by Jacob de Baker

I see a parallel between the original sin and secularist arguments against the Church on contraception.  I remember once hearing a classmate make a PowerPoint presentation on contraception in Latin America and AIDS.  In this presentation she said the problem was the Catholic Church, plain and simple.  Obviously I did not clap at all for the presentation as it did not deserve one.

Interesting.  So, the Catholic Church is to blame for why people can’t control their own sexual urges?  It’s not like the Church teaches people must have sex with people who are infected with AIDS.  These people came up with the decision themselves to consensually have sex with an AIDS-infected partner; the Church did not assign sex partners and the Church, being a separate entity from the state, did not put a nation-wide ban on artificial contraception.  And don’t even bring up cases up rape.  Do you think a woman expects to get raped?  Do you think a rapist is going to care to carry around a condom or birth control pills?  Likely not.

So, this brings me to Adam and Eve who the Scriptures record as the first married couple and the first humans.  They were free to roam the Garden of Eve and permitted to eat the fruit of any tree except from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  Yet sure enough they ate from the one tree they were forbidden to eat from.  Then they suffered the consequences for said disobedience and included physical death and the transmission of sinful nature through all generations (original sin).  It’s not that God made them eat the forbidden fruit; He did not want them too, yet He gave them free will to make the decision.  So, should we blame God for Adam and Eve’s original sin?  It’s funny how even Christians might blame the Church for the spread of AIDS which is even worse, because then they ignore the same logical fallacy being used against God in the story of mankind’s fall from grace.

I do not believe artificial should be outlawed per se, but I do not think people should be forced to provide contraception for others and the Church should not be blamed for others being slaves to their own desires.  If anything the Church attempts to save people from the spread of AIDS by promoting monogamy, seeing that contraception is not 100% effective in preventing the spread of STDs, that several studies show many who use contraception do not always use it and that the primary reason people do not use contraception is due to fear of shame, not due to religion.  It basically all comes down to creating a scapegoat; the sexual liberation movement despises the Church’s teachings on human sexuality and thus tries to use her as a scapegoat to justify their own irresponsible lifestyle.


For the reasons mentioned above, such cartoons are absolutely stupid and make no sense; not to mention they ignore the question if sexually promiscuous people are going listen to the Church’s teachings on human sexuality, which they already have since they have (1) had sex outside of marriage and (2) had sex with multiple partners, thus (3) not keeping the health of their partners in to concern, thus placing their own sexual desires over the welfare of their partners.  It also fails to keep in mind that the most AIDS-infected places in Africa are for a large part members of the Anglican Communion which does in fact teach in favor of contraception as per the Lambeth Conference of 1930.



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