An Interesting Brony Reference



I randomly stumbled upon this political cartoon.  No joke!  It’s hilarious and I had to share it.  I like seeing MLP references and this is not one of those anti-brony ones.

This Pinkie Pie isn’t the real one, but a Trojan horse being used by jihadist Muslims to infiltrate the U.S., obviously symbolic of how political correctness is supposed to be cutesy like a brightly colored pony such as Pinkie Pie and yet what’s inside is very dark and menacing.

I’m not an alarmist and I don’t believe ISIS or any other jihadist group will be able to come over and take over the whole world.  They definitely lack the number.  However, they still can do damage and their actions influence the actions of public officials, the media, the academia and even clergy.  People need to wake up and realize this political correctness isn’t making anything better for us and we’re only becoming more complacent as we surrender our rights to a group that does not respect our own rights.  Muslims should not get special treatment especially in a country where they are only the minority.  They should not be permitted to preach jihad and Sharia law in their mosques.  The media should not be permitted to hypocritically mock Christianity while giving a pass to Islam.  The academia should not be permitted to attack Christianity while defending Islam.  Clergy should not be permitted to ignore the vast differences between Islam and Christianity to ‘focus on what we have in common’; that mentality ignores the evangelistic mission of the Church.  No wonder many traditionalist Catholics see so much heresy in the Church; they may not be justified in rejecting papal authority and the local ordinary, but they are right about much of the Church affairs today.


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