An Islamic Paradise? Really?!


Carly Fiorina, potential GOP candidate for the 2016 elections

The oft repeated claim about a great Islamic civilization has been made by yet again another public figure, but this time not by a Democrat, but a Republican.  You can read the article here.

This is the kind of education we are raised up with and for that reason I cannot fully blame her, especially since Republicans doesn’t exactly run the universities.  Yet, her being Republican will not be an excuse from being criticized in the same way as Democrats who make the same factual errors whether or not they actually believe the nonsense they spew or simply say it to appease the mass of Muslims out there.

Has she heard of the Pact of Umar, the Almoravids, the Arab-Byzantine Wars, the Arab slave trade, Maimonides’ exile, the Martyrs of Córdoba, Sharia law’s prohibition of philosophy, the jizyah tax or dhimmitude (second-class citizenship)?  I highly doubt it because if she did, then chances are she wouldn’t think the same way about this “great Islamic civilization” in which there was supposedly a Gold Age in Islamic civilization.  Many scholars such as Dr. Bill Warren, Ph.D., have noted that the Muslims burned about 95% of books they came across in libraries during this Islamic “Golden Age”.  The fact of the matter is Christians and Jews were permitted to live in the Islamic state on the condition that they paid the jizyah tax “with willing submission and feel themselves subdued” [1].  Even impoverished Christians and Jews were not exempt from this levy tax and under Islamic law they were not permitted to receive zakat or Islamic almsgiving which is actually a tax in Islamic nations rather than some altruistic personal act of kindness, unless of course it was “to embrace Islam” if he was sympathetic to Islamic rule [2].  Christians and Jews were not permitted, under Sharia and the Pact of Umar, to rebuild old churches, monasteries or synagogues, nor could they build new ones.  These People of the Book, as the Quran calls them, were not permitted to say their prayers or ring their bells loud enough to be heard across the street.  They were not allowed to build their houses of worship taller than the local mosque.  They were forbidden from publishing their literature (i.e. the New Testament) and from distributing it in public, just as they were forbidden from converting Muslims to Christianity or Judaism and were not allowed to prevent a family member or friend from converting to Islam.  Christians were forbidden from saying prayers to Jesus Christ or the Holy Mother which they called idolatry.  They were forbidden from publicly holding processions.  You can hardly say Christians and Jews were tolerated and even less that they had equal rights to Muslims.

It is also false that philosophy, natural science and mathematics were introduced to Christian Europe by the Islamic world.  The Europeans already well achieved architectural achievements as seen in the medieval cathedrals of Europe and the mathematics that was included with their construction.  You can also look at the works of Saint Isidore of Seville who in Etymologies speaks of a round Earth (while the Quran writes about a flat Earth), an evolution of mankind and a new world many believe to be America, or Saint Albert the Great who wrote about astrology, natural law, matter and music, or Saint Thomas Aquinas who spoke deeply on all kinds of topics theological, political and scientific in nature.  We also have to think about the brilliance of the Visigothic Spaniards, a civilization of which Saint Isidore, Church Doctor, was part.  While the works of certain Muslim thinkers may have influenced later generations of European Christian thinkers, it would be unfair to say Christendom was in the Dark Ages while the Islamic world was in the Golden Age.  Sharia law states that “[u]nlawful knowledge includes: . . . philosophy” [3].

Here is a video on the Islamic “Golden Age” by Dr. Bill Warren.

Here is another on Visigothic Spain’s intellectualism.

When it comes to avoiding things that may be deemed offensive by Muslims even plenty of Republicans stand up with their Democratic opponents in their wind chime about how groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda have nothing to do with Islam.  Ex-President George W. Bush made the same mistake when he said, “Islam is peace” [4].  Go figure.  Ex-President Bush did not even pressure nations like Saudi Arabia to give non-Muslims more rights.  Then former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul touted how acts like September 11, 2001 and the Charlie Hebdo attacks have nothing to do with Islam and those who say it does are only justifying “hatred for Islam” [5], while simultaneously remarking these acts are purely due to American imperialism; obviously he hasn’t read Islamic texts or the jihadists quotes citing the texts.  While it should be noted that there are slightly various interpretations of Islamic texts among Islamic schools, the passages about warfare, imperialism and superiority over non-Muslims remain there and there is little disagreement in the Islamic community over that and it’s not like the moderate Muslims are exactly speaking up against these things effectively.


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