Neo-Nazism – A Relic of the Past


Dylann Roof, an alleged neo-Nazi

Even the political correctness crowd would agree with the likes of me that neo-Nazism is alive and well, though I would not necessarily say it is as vibrant as the political left wants us to think.  However, police reported that 21-year old Dylann Roof had neo-Nazi paraphernalia in his home and his clothes include white supremacist emblems.Dylann Roof was arrested after he shot and killed 9 people in an African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston, South Carolina.  It seems all the evidence put together does make this a hate crime.  Of course, I want to let the courts settle this out more before I go ahead with making any other assumptions.  However I do want to take the time to talk about this hatred that still exists.

I have been repeatedly accused of preaching hatred just for insisting that there is objective truth and that not all religions or even all Christians sects are equally true.  If they want to talk about hate, then they need to talk about people like this who kill, attack, rape and vandalize in the name of their agenda and use their beliefs to justify this.  What he did was absolutely sick and atrocious and hopefully he will repent and do a lot of penance.

Most of us cannot think of a time when racism was so extreme as it was in the 1930’s and 1940’s in Germany.  Adolf Hitler preached a very charismatic message that convinced a lot of people to think Jews, Gypsies, Slaves, and Africans to name a few were the cause of Germany’s social and economic woes and that they “profaned” the Aryan race of its purity and that the only way to rid Germany of this problem was to annihilate these groups.  What a brutal, ruthless and hateful ideology it was and some continue to embrace it to this day.  Since then the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nations and other groups have adopted Nazi practices and literature like the Hitler salute, Mein Kampf and the “Heil Hitler” and “Sieg Heil” greetings.


Adolf Hitler and Venerable Pius XII, one preached and committed hate while the other preached and committed love

Many confuse kindness for political correctness, basically biting your tongue from doing or saying anything that may cause offense, yet anything can be construed to be offensive; so if we abided by that logic, all acts and words would have to be banned.  Our Lord, His apostles, and their successors understood this well, which is why they explain to us what kindness is.  Holy Writ tells us, “And be ye kind one to another; merciful, forgiving one another, even as God hath forgiven you in Christ” (Ephesus 4:32).  Kindness means to be merciful, forgiving and generous in one’s alms.  We must also not judge by appearance (rf. John 7:24); so, no racism, ageism, etc.  It is not kind to be racist nor ageist.  To be racist or ageist is to judge by appearance.  As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  This reflects the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ who told us not to judge by looks, “but by the content of their character.”  People forget he was a religious figure and not a politician.

We must live by kindness, not as the world defines it, but as God defines it.  That means we must be merciful, forgiving, loving, generous in our alms, help heal the sick, shelter the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty, visit the imprisoned, bury the dead; the spiritual and corporal works of mercy as our Holy Church defines them.  We pray for the victims and their families.


Nazism is alien to the Gospel message.


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