A Neo-Nazi Brony?!


Nice Photoshop skills!

Anti-brony photoshopping has been spotted by one of the brony news networks.  Warning: it does contain plenty of profanity; so enter at your own risk.


Apparently it was started by a Twitter user who really does not like bronies.  The photos depict shooter Dylann Roof sporting a Rainbow Dash t-shirt.  In the attempts to make bronies seem like a terrorist organization comparable to Al-Qaeda, the individual was willing to go to extreme lengths to make people believe that the white supremacist killer was indeed a brony.  No evidence has been given that Dylann is now nor was ever a brony.  The image of Rainbow Dash also does not go into the shirt because the image is not wrinkled while the shirt is; also several of the photos contain different hair color orders, and now news source has shown him in this t-shirt.

Some might know I am a huge Rainbow Dash fan.  She is my most favorite MLP character.  So, this is even more important to me; but honestly I’m not really concerned because it hasn’t exactly gone viral.  It does remind me of how haters will go to extreme lengths to libel those they disagree with, even to the point of making up false facts.  That reminds me in particular how people photoshop pictures of the Pope to make him seem like he’s caressing Paris Hilton (obviously a fake), or doing the Nazi salute (actually a picture cut in off of the future Pope imposing hands upon newly ordained priests), or kissing another public official, or having a demonic look.  The culprit could be Protestant, Atheist, Agnostic, etc.

It’s time to remember the ten commandments, one of them being, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”  This is not a suggestion, it is a commandment.


This is the real Fr. Joseph Ratzinger photo

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