Letting Your Guard Down


“Fluttershy! Can’t you see what he’s doing? He’s playing innocent with you so you’ll never agree to use the Elements of Harmony against him!” ~ Rainbow Dash (Keep Calm and Flutter On)

That’s exactly my thoughts on how many public officials, clergy and educators think regarding the issue with Islamic extremism.  I was speaking against the U.S.’s aid to rebels in Syria and Libya, and it turns out they were jihadists who have strong connections to Al-Qaeda and ISIS to name a few.So, basically in Keep Calm and Flutter On, Discord is released from his prison in the hopes he may be reformed.  Fluttershy is the first and only one at the time to give Discord another chance, but the other five mares don’t think it’s a good idea.  Rainbow Dash in particular speaks out and warns Fluttershy that Discord is still up to trouble, but Fluttershy doesn’t listen.  Eventually Discord dose change, but not before wreaking havoc on Ponyville.  So, Fluttershy learned the hard way that her friends were right and that Discord was only using her to take advantage of them.  The shy pony eventually figured she had to be harsh with Discord if she expected him to change and not cause chaos.

This can very much be applied to real life especially with public officials who are in charge of defending the public from others.  Yet, time and time again, like Fluttershy who repeatedly accused her friends of being mean and unfair to Discord, these public officials seem to think if they’re nice to those who want to harm society these people will like us and stop.  Being real life, this is much less likely to happen than in a show about multicolored ponies.  This Fluttershy episode speaks the message about not being a pushover or being gullible to problems.  It’s quite frankly a message that’s fairly lacking in a lot of kids’ TV shows, which is probably why so many adults do have a child-like naïveté about the world.


Rainbow Dash approves this message.


Fluttershy is kind, but also learns to be stern when necessary


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