Vladimir Putin – The Left and Right’s Worst Nightmare


Vladimir Putin’s intense piety

I have seen how a lot of American conservatives hate Vladimir Putin.  Quite honestly I think it’s because they’re jealous that Russia has the most powerful and famous leader of any nation according to Forbes Magazine while the U.S. has a weak leader who negotiates with terrorists.  It’s like a national pride thing; American conservatives are mad when another country outdoes their own when it comes to a national leader; they’re not happy unless the U.S. leads the world.  They furthermore get paranoid and don’t let old events pass away; like the U.S.S.R.  Many conservatives are convinced Russia is secretly a Soviet country and Putin, who was once a KGB, is leading Russia to a more Soviet style imperial and military power.  It’s really nothing more than a conspiracy theory as far as many of us are concerned.

They totally ignore the fact that Putin has harshly criticized socialism and called out Barack Obama for his socialist policies as the Russian president himself put it.  He also stated that “the task of the state doesn’t consist in nationalizing those companies” [1].  Being a former KGB means little to nothing.  Who’s to say he consented to joining the KGB?  There was a draft.  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI himself was drafted into the Hitler Youth, but never liked it.  Also, who’s to say even if Putin once liked it that he didn’t change his opinions on it?  People do change.  Saint Paul once viciously persecuted Christians and later became one of the greatest Christian missionaries in Church history.

I am also not convinced that Putin wants to take over the world.  If he wanted to take over Ukraine, he could’ve done it already if he wanted to.  As for Ossetia, the war there was started after nine Russian pacifists were murdered [2] and yet after the war Russia and George agreed Ossetia was an independent state [3].

Putin is personally very religious and spiritual [4].  I like how a lot of conservatives say he’s just putting on fake piety for votes and money; they get mad when liberals say the same thing about American conservatives and then they turn around and do the same thing.  It seems like American conservative opposition to Russia, especially Putin, is based on nothing more than jingoism.  You know, “‘Murica.”  They freak out when another country has nuclear weapons and takes it automatically as an interest to start a war, yet seem to forget the U.S. has its own nuclear weapons and other nations have also requested that our nation get rid of them.  Then they beat the drums for Obama to declare war on Russia and want to put troops in Eastern European nations.

So, then we have the neo-conservative Bush Republicans, i.e. George Weigel, who endlessly criticizes Putin and accuses him of imperialism and messing things up [5], yet he also endlessly supports the Bush administration’s War in Iraq, which weakened a foreign government to the point it allowed ISIS to grow in numbers and support.  While, I wouldn’t say Russia is perfect, it would be dishonest to conflate modern Russia with Nazi Germany or the U.S.S.R.  He also has consistently said that Islamic extremism will not be tolerated in Russia and many Islamic books have already been outlawed in Russia.

Liberals on the other hand, seem to not like him because Russia doesn’t allow people to expose children to homosexual propaganda, or for Islam to fester and grow undetected, or for socialism to reign.  None of that makes him a Hitler; in fact he should be honored for not caving in to insults and false accusations.  He himself said we shouldn’t care what other says when it comes to being strict in order to defend your nation.  Can a guy like Putin, who frequently takes pictures of himself with animals, be equivalent to Hitler [6]?


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