Bronies vs. Bronies


When it comes to certain topics, i.e. religion, abortion, gay “marriage”, bronies go after other bronies.  It’s funny how “love and tolerate” goes out the window when they discover one of their fellow bronies is against gay “marriage” seems to be a lot more intensely debated among bronies than other fandoms as far as I’ve seen.  Why is this so?  Are they incapable of practicing what they preach?  I think so.  This isn’t merely a brony problem: it’s a liberal problem.  Basically the ball game goes that liberals are supposed to talk others down into loving and tolerating those with whose lifestyle they disagree but in turn fail to love and tolerate those who disagree with them.  So then come the rude, confrontational, hateful and sometimes vulgar remarks from those self-righteously preaching tolerance.

So, bronies attack other bronies who defend the sanctity of marriage.  What do they accomplish out of this?


The insults and the name-calling start when they find out another has left the herd as they think, as if they make the rules who’s a brony and who isn’t.  I didn’t realize the brony fandom was a church from which you could be excommunicated.  Pretty interesting especially since the term isn’t even yet in official dictionaries.  I know some who have thought giving up MLP, but I tell them not to let these people ruin it for them.  Sure, we might be the minority among bronies as Christian (especially Catholic) bronies who take their faith seriously.  Yet that shouldn’t keep us from enjoying a show we like in common with those who think differently from us.  Besides, if we keep running away from where we’re not welcome, they’ll only get used to the idea that they can ruin everything for us, take advantage of us, and bully us into submission.  That’s why we can’t leave the fandom.  That’s why we can’t stop loving the show.  It is to show them they cannot break us.  They cannot bring us down into submission.


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