Happy 4th!


Sorry it’s a little late.  I was very busy yesterday.  I wish you a happy Independence Day week.  This 4th of July reminds of the blessings God has given us, me in particular.

We might live in a country with corrupt politicians, but it’s far better than living in a lot of other countries where people are denied the freedom of religion (i.e. Christianity) and are violently persecuted, even in countries where their religion is not banned per se.  At least in the United States we still have this practice even if it might be limited sometimes.

All this stuff going on with ISIS and other countries has made me have a deeper appreciation for what I have here in the U.S.A.  Not only should others be grateful for what they have here, but I do believe I should as well.  I thank God for all He does give me and ask for perseverance in the trials He lays before me.  The trials we have are miniscule compared to what Christians and others in other nations have to go through.  If we can’t even make it through these little trials then what are we?

I do wish to thank those who have served in the Armed Forces, who risked their lives or gave their lives for us, so that we may live in a more free society than it could be.  While I can be quite critical of these many politicians, I should also thank them for the right things they do and I do pray for them everyday.



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