Pope Francis: “No me gusta”


Limbaugh, Savage, Beck and Hannity are going to have to explain this.  Pope Francis recently traveled to Ecuador and Bolivia where he met with President Evo Morales who gave him a wooden hammer and sickle crucifix as a gift.  The Holy Father visibly did not like the gift as he frowned immediately upon seeing it.  Apparently the Pope also nodded in disagreement to receiving the gift and smiled, giving the gift back to Morales.

The Church rejects socialism and every pope since Blessed Pius IX has renounced it verbatim.  Many Catholics are convinced this pope is socialist, some even to recant this falsehood after his blatant gesture of rejecting the hammer and sickle crucifix.  He seems to be aware of the Church’s stance on communism and if he embraced it then he would not have acted so negatively towards the gift that was obviously political in nature.

For more information: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/pope-francis-receives-communist-hammer-sickle-cross-bolivia-president-1510071


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