David Pakman – Liberal Bias


David Pakman, 31-year-old radio host, has made a video claiming Rick Santorum at odds with the Catholic Church on the death penalty, even going as far as to misquote Church doctrine.  But yet, he has the chutzpah to attack the Catholic Church when it suits him.  With video titles including terms like “Increasingly Irrelevant Catholic Church”, “Catholic Church Flip-Flop”, and “Anti-Gay Bigots” it is hard to not see the hatred for the Church.

So, why would you quote from an “Increasingly Irrelevant” institution, and misquote it while at it, David?  Could it be you’re just cherry-picking at religions to suit your liberal opinions?  If that’s the case, and I know it is, then you should have the decency to not quote from the Church at all.  To add insult to injury, the rookie radio host, does not understand that the Magisterium is the teaching authority of the Church; a lawyer’s opinions on abortion does not constitute for Church dogma.  He’s grasping for straws as he can’t even get his criticisms right.

There’s a term for people like that: Christophobes.  They are the type that personally attack Christians with names like “bigots”, “haters”, and such without any such evidence.  Also, the Church is not irrelevant because he says it’s irrelevant, but because she is Christ’s body and spouse, founded upon Saint Peter and his successors, established for all time and guided by all truth by the Holy Spirit.  I understand David is Jewish, but that still doesn’t make it okay to cherry-pick at Church teaching and then attack the very Church he’s misquoting.  All kinds of civilizations have tried to destroy the Church but to no avail; they have come and gone, but the Church remains.  Like a house built upon the rocks and stands in place when the waters come, so is the Church when the tides of her enemies come down on her.  Nero could not take her down; Diocletian could not take her down; Muhammad could not take her down; Martin Luther could not take her down; Joseph Smith could not take her down; Karl Marx could not take her down; Adolf Hitler could not take her down; and neither can David Pakman take her down.


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