HHS Mandate vs. the Church


The Little Sisters of the Poor have recently been mandated by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to provide contraception.  What is this 10th Circuit nobody talks about?  What do they mean the Little Sisters of the Poor are not affiliated with any Church?  The 10th Circuit is insignificant.  The Sisters are a Catholic institution run by the Catholic Church just as the Order of Franciscans Minor, the Order of Preachers and the Society of Jesus are also Catholic institutions run by the Church.

And they told us this HHS Mandate would not affect religious groups.  That’s definitely a croc of garbage now with this ruling.  I remember debating a liberal Catholic on a Facebook group about this some years ago and he claimed it wouldn’t affect religious institutions; lucky for me this same liberal Catholic was also a journalist for a major newspaper… I forget which one… and he set the record straight to assure me that the Church would never be forced to comply.  Only that did not happen.  The Church has been forced to comply; maybe not all Catholic institutions, but the Little Sisters of the Poor have been forced to comply.

This is the problem with the liberal media: they make all kinds of empty promises and lies to cover up for the Obama administration and Congress Democrats no matter what evidence on the contrary we throw at them.  They don’t want to admit this is an attack on the Church.  So, if it wasn’t an attack on the Church, then why did the Democrats invite Sandra Fluke, a student of Georgetown University (a Catholic institution), to talk about why she can’t get contraceptives on campus?  A lot of us knew from the very get go this was an attack on the Catholic Church.  The liberal media is lying to us on the HHS Mandate the way they lie to us about Islam.  They hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.


You can find the article here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/publiccatholic/2015/07/10th-circuit-rules-first-amendment-protections-dont-apply-to-little-sisters-of-the-poor/


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