Donald Trump on Communion… He Said What?!


Donald Trump, 2016 president hopeful

Some concerns have been raised over Donald Trump’s comments on Holy Communion in which he said he drinks “a little wine and eat the cracker”.  At least some of these concerns came from Catholics.  Because he very rarely speaks about religion, it is not surprising that many do not know his religious affiliation and assume he is Catholic based off referring to Communion.

Whether you support him or not for president is not the intent of this thread but to discuss theology.  Trump has explicitly stated he is Presbyterian.  The Catholic Church teaches that Presbyterian churches do not have a valid Eucharist, meaning they do not receive the mystical Body and Blood of Christ, but mere bread and wine.  Nor do Presbyterian churches profess the Real Presence in Holy Communion.  The basis of Presbyterian theology, the Westminster Confession of Faith, states that “Christ is not offered up to his Father, nor any real sacrifice made at all for remission of sins of the quick or dead, but only a commemoration of that one offering up of himself” (29:2); it also says the “doctrine which maintains a change of the substance of bread and wine, into the substance of Christ’s body and blood (commonly called transubstantiation) by consecration of a priest, or by any other way, is repugnant” (29:6), and the Body and Blood are consumed only spiritually, “not corporally or carnally in, with, or under the bread and wine” (29:6).

So, because Presbyterian churches reject the sacrificial nature of the priesthood — since its source of doctrine says that no “real sacrifice [is] made at all for the remission of sins” — they have no valid priesthood to offer a valid Eucharist.  You can essentially say that what Presbyterians receive in Communion is simply wine and crackers although they technically are not crackers but wafers or unleavened bread.  It should not be surprising then that Donald Trump would call it “wine” and “the cracker”.  Not only that but Trump is not exactly the most religious person, so it should be more expected that he would say that.

Here is the video:

Here he explains he is Presbyterian:


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