Medjugorje – Inauthentic?


Medjugorje, Bosnia and Hercegovina

So, I got yelled at by a friend and accused of passing my own judgment on the Medjugorje apparitions when the Vatican itself issued a statement saying “it is not possible to state that there were apparitions or supernatural revelations”.  Vicka reportedly was in ecstasy when at prayer, but when in ecstasy a person is not aware of their surroundings; somebody next to her shoved a finger in her face and she flinched.  No wonder the Holy See made this statement regarding Medjugorje’s questionable validity.  You can find the copy here.


What’s also ignored is how early on two local Yugoslavian bishops rejected the apparitions, then 19/20 bishops at the Yugoslavian Conference rejected it, then many other bishops around the world, and later the Holy See made that statement about them [1].  In addition, the priest who promoted it was defrocked for sexual abuse charges.  There are some questions raised over statements allegedly made by Our Lady that include a condemnation of all those, even bishops, who reject the apparitions, universalism and a controversial statement about the visionaries being more full of grace than anybody else [2].

While E. Michael Jones is a notorious conspiracy theories who loves talking about the Jews in particular, he does bring up some vital information and he is certainly not the only one.

[1] Fischer, Simcha. <;.

[2] <;.


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