The Quran – An Authentic Edition?!


The Quran, Islam’s sacred text

Several news sources have mentioned how the University in Birmingham claimed to have found an ancient Quranic text and that the university claimed it dates between 568 to 645 A.D.  Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, has mentioned this raises more questions than answers.

There are a few inconsistencies which Spencer mentions in his Frontpage Magazine article.  To sum up his argument, he mentions Muhammad was supposedly born in 570 A.D., two years after the alleged earliest date of this parchment discovered.  So, this is inconsistent in itself since Muhammad reportedly received the messages of the Quran — which were later written in 653 A.D. — from the angel Gabriel in 609 A.D. and that these messages were repetitive until 632 A.D. when he died.  So, how can it be a parchment of the Quran if the earliest date of the parchment is two years before Muhammad’s birth and Muhammad was the one who received the messages of the Quran which did not happen until 609 A.D.?  How can it also be a parchment of the Quran when there was no hard copy of the Quran until 653 A.D. as Islamic tradition dictates?  It is no secret the Quran borrows many pre-Islamic literary references such as quoting the Talmud

So, what’s to be learned here?  That the media is not always reliable and when it comes to religion it almost never is as they obfuscate and reshape everything into their image and likeness as if they were the final arbiters of truth.  Take issues of Christianity for example: the media is quick to presume the inauthenticity of the canonical Scriptures despite the contrary while maintaining the Gnostic writings as authentic in spite of evidence to the Quran.  Yet, they are quick to claim evidence of the authenticity of the Quran.  It seems to me the media is rooting for the religion it loves the most, at least in lip service.  Funny how they kiss up to Islam but won’t convert to Islam.  Go figure: is ethical code of conduct forbids women from showing their faces in public, Muslims from drinking alcohol or eating certain foods (e.g. pork), things Christian ethics don’t forbid and such prohibitions are contrary to liberal values.  Then there’s the issue of extreme punishments: e.g. beheading, crucifixion, stoning, amputation of hands and feet, public lashes.  No such similar system ever came to exist in Christianity and if such punishments are held by any individual Christian then it is just their personal opinion.

You can read the article here:


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