Liberal Bias in the Academia… You Don’t Say!


I was very surprised to find such an article written by Time Magazine.  It lists 38 ways in which college students enjoy liberal bias in universities and colleges.

Certain classes are made specifically to teach through the lenses of progressivism such as gender studies and women’s studies.  Even African-American history has been turned into a propaganda tool of the left.  Such classes are aimed at the education of students to teach them that gender is a social construct (contrary to what the scientific field says), and that one may question their gender of birth; e.g. a man is really a woman or vice versa.  They teach that all attempts by Christian theologians to marginalize women is reflective of Church dogma (while not understanding the role of the Magisterium), that the Church is to blame for AIDS in spite of these people not being forced to have sexual intercourse with people who have AIDS (seeing that their sexual habits are their own free choice and thus whatever happens is their own responsibility).  They teach that Christians were always bad and Muslims were always good, that Islam is essentially equal to or superior to Christianity.  African-American studies is now being taught in a way in which President Obama’s election is celebrated as a huge victory for civil rights (implying his election alone is based on overcoming racism); which implies or at least gives room for others to assume those who do not support the Obama administration are racist.

Going to a public school with a liberal arts degree, I myself felt like a true minority in a school where feminism, homosexuality, Islam and liberal Protestantism are praised.  I patiently endured anti-Catholic remarks made against the Church, even blatantly false ones like the one about AIDS.  Why do such majors exist anyway?  It is hard to imagine how somebody can get a career from majoring in gender studies, women’s studies, African-American history, Soviet studies or English poetry.  This is another problem I have with American higher education: it has become such a business that they are dishonest by saying we will all get a career upon graduation.  Well, here I am half a year after graduation and still jobless.  It’s like universities spend more time molding young minds into disciples of progressivism than actually educating them in critical thinking and installing practical skills in them to prepare them for the next step in their lives.


You can find the article here:


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