Alex Jones and the Pope


Alex Jones is at it again.  This is the same guy who thinks 9/11 was an inside job and bronies drink estrogen-filled water.  Obviously the man doesn’t have any credibility in the first place.  Now he’s saying the pope might be the devil or a false prophet.

Yes, that’s a great way to lose your audience.  Michael Savage has been doing it for a now and now Alex Jones is.  Keep attack the Catholic Church and/or the pope and you’re surely going to lose your viewers.  I’ve known at least one person who stopped viewing Jones for his tin foil hat conspiracy theory claims about the Catholic Church.  Not too surprisingly however there are quite a few Ultratraditionalists who view his material.  They do believe he is a false prophet already, many of them believing he is a false pope.

What Jones fails to understand is the pope has repeatedly condemned abortion and homosexuality.  He has supported laws that don’t recognize gay unions as marriages, advocated against gay couples adopting, spoken out against transgenderism, etc.  But that doesn’t matter to Jones because of the pope’s controversial remarks on the economy.  If the pope sounds liberal on the economy, then he must be liberal on abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism as well.  This is faulty logic.  It is a non sequitur.  Yet that’s not something Jones is known for.

The more I mature the more I realize the left does have a reason to believe a lot of these conservative and libertarian radio hosts are bit crazy sometimes with their conspiracy theories and hyperventilation over something a priest of the Church says which may or may not be correct.


Get your tin foil hats.  The conspiracy is coming.

Here is the video:


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