Huffington Post Panders to Muslims


Some I personally know are aware of my absolute distaste for all things Huffington Post.  It is an internet source for news and information that makes MSNBC look like CNN.  It is absolute poison; it frequently attacks Christians, especially Catholics, puts words in the pope’s mouth, distorts Catholic theology in favor of transgenderism, homosexuality and feminism, trashes Christianity in favor of Islam.

So not surprisingly, especially because of the last part, Huffington Post would allow anti-gay and anti-Atheist articles to be written by Muslims.  All in the name of multiculturalism too.  By the way, this is largely coming from the Huffington Post Arabic edition, so you won’t notice this rhetoric unless you can read Arabic.  It should also be noted that this branch of the extremely liberal news source is founded by a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate.  This is the same far-right Muslim Brotherhood that is guilty for various terrorist attacks on Christians in Egypt.

You see the double standard?  Liberal news sources like Huffington Post would never consider allowing Christians to speak against homosexuality, Atheism or Islam even if their criticism was mild compared to the Islamic tone towards homosexuality, Atheism or Christianity, but they allow Muslims to criticize homosexuality, Atheism and Christianity all in the name of multiculturalism.  This is the poison of liberalism and the poison of feminism.  For all we know, Huffington Post believes Christianity is no better than Islam if it is not even worse than the Mohammedan religion.  That’s certainly the implied message they put out.

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