Rosie O’Donnell and the War on Women


The O’Donnell vs. Trump battle presumes, but Rosie is insisting there is a war on women and that he is part of it.  I have already criticized Megyn Kelly’s remarks and obviously Rosie’s are very much the same and deserve the same scrutiny.  Has it ever occurred to Rosie, who is a major abortion advocate, that Trump’s views on abortion are lapsed much like Mitt Romney’s?  Trump even stated he is open to funding Planned Parenthood and that he is against abortion except in cases of rape, incest and danger of death.  While the Church permits procedures in the case of danger of death to allow the unborn infant to die of natural causes, she also condemns direct abortion as an intrinsic evil, but besides that Rosie would like it.

Anyway, Rosie is so insistent that there is a war on women yet she is blinded to reality.  There is no war on women at least the way feminists make it seem.  It’s not prevalent in American culture or in the Church.  Yet I heard something interesting today; somebody said the war on women is coming from feminists who are attacking women for being women.  This is pretty interesting.  Considering the fact that feminists are attacking femininity in the hopes of women being more like men, which only seems to show who actually is attacking femininity.  In addition, they attack women for making choices they don’t like; e.g. if a woman chooses to be a stay-at-home wife and mother or if a woman chooses to oppose abortion, which is funny since feminists are about choice and yet they are dictating to others what to do and think.

Did Rosie ever think about checking her facts before she runs her big mouth?  Polls show more women vote than men and more women vote for men than they do for women [1].  Women are more likely to get hired for a job they’re not qualified for than men are [2].  Women generally have more positive roles than men in movies and TV shows.  Women are more trusted with children than men are.  Many occupations consist more of women than men: e.g. schools, universities, law firms, etc.  But hey, there is a war on women because the feminists say so.  Emotions trump evidence.




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