Ann Coulter on Abortion


Ann Coulter is at it again.  This time she made a blunt and cold statement about putting immigration over abortion.  She said, “I don’t care if @realDonaldTrump wants to perform abortions in White House after this immigration policy paper.”

She is acting indifferent to the issue of abortion, the willful destruction of unborn human life.  She is implying that she wouldn’t even call him out if he allowed abortions to be performed in the White House, which does not sound like pro-life rhetoric.  This is coming from somebody who claims she is against abortion.  I had to look at her records on abortion and she called two anti-abortionists “those two idiots” [1] for being against abortion in instances of rape and incest.  So, apparently she’s not as pro-life as she probably pretends.  She even sided with Romneycare which is established by Mitt Romney whose abortion stances is almost exactly that of Barack Obama’s.

The hypocrisy of such an individual who would make such distasteful comments is outstanding.  It’s not surprising coming from a nasty individual known for making personal insults against other people or making cold comments about those in vulnerable states.  This is just one more example of how so many conservatives are conservative on the economic and national issues, but not the social issues.

Just on a side note, the U.S. Catholic bishops did release a document that gives the O.K. to emergency contraception if tests have been done proving the woman is not yet pregnant [2].  Other than that, it is not okay to terminate the life of an unborn child for the crime of the rapist and it is not okay to terminate it even if chances are it will be genetically inbred due to incest.

Other than that, Coulter’s statements on Trump’s immigration policy is not the issue at all; it’s her indifference to the unborn that is the issue.  Immigration is a grey issue, but abortion is not; the direct and willful destruction of human life is always a sin and a very grave one at that.  Had Coulter been Catholic such statements of hers would very likely constitute for a latae setentiae excommunication.  We must not be silent on this issue; it is a violation of the commandment, “You shall not kill.”

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One thought on “Ann Coulter on Abortion

  1. Coulter has never really been a friend of the pro-life movement. Beginning with the 2000 election, Coulter has always subordinated pro-life interests to political expediency.

    See “Coulter’s Assault on Pro-Life Movement Continues” at

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