The Fundamentalists Strike Again


Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

A few days ago Republican Texas governor Greg Abbott was heckled by fundamentalist Protestants on the grounds that he worships Mary like every other Catholic according to them.  No matter how many times we prove otherwise, they insist that we worship Mary as equal to or even superior to God.  So, I will try something different.

If we worship the Virgin Mary, then they worship the Bible, especially the ones who use John 1:1 in defense of their Sola Scriptura doctrine.  I am not joking when I say that I have read comments by Protestants using John 1:1 defending Sola Scriptura.  The problem is this is that the Word in John 1:1 is the Incarnate Word which is God and the same Word which was made flesh and dwelt among us (v. 14).  This Word was not made paper, but flesh.  Yet apparently this Word was apparently made paper, yet this is not so.  The Bible was not made flesh, did not dwell among us, did not suffer and die for our sins, and it certainly is not God.

The Church does not deny that Holy Scripture is the written word of God and in fact Protestants got this belief from the Catholic Church.  Without her definitive act Protestants would not know what constituted for the written word of God.  Yet, to some extent or another Protestants undermine the authority of the Church in favor of personal interpretation of Holy Scripture and act as if Scripture clarifies and interprets itself.  If that is so, then why are there over 33,000 denominations which disagree with each other over at least one doctrine?  The Bible is elevated over the angels the way the Virgin Mary is elevated above the angels.  Yet one is seen as idolatry and the other is not.

Again, Sacred Scripture is “the written word of God” [1], but it is not the Incarnate Word.  Am I saying all Protestants worship the Bible?  No.  However I am saying many Protestants do give an excessive role to the Bible while accusing us of giving too much attention to Mary.  I accept the fact some throughout Church history have given divine status to Mary as did the Collyridians and as do the Mariavite Church, the Divine Endeavors Organization and the “Our Lady is God” movement.  These groups are not in full communion with the Church and have been in fact excommunicated.  Their heresy does not reflect the doctrine of the Catholic Church founded upon Saint Peter and his successors.

[1] Dei Verbum, n. 24

You can find the article here:


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