About Me


Ok, so obviously besides the fact I am a sinner who accepts the Church as founded by God upon Scripture and Tradition and guided by the Magisterium, is that there is definitely more to me than just the what the Church dogmatically teaches.  I am like the average person who has interests outside of faith.  In addition I have thoughts on things which are either not mentioned in Church doctrine or are grey issues.

What is your political identity?

I don’t think I fall perfectly under any category, but I would say I best fit the category of a paleoconservative.  I am technically still a registered Republican, but have thought of changing my party affiliation.  I am not exactly all too happy with the Republican leadership right now and have seen Republicans outside of the D.C. for a large part are not all that religious/spiritual.  I also support constitutional monarchism.  I’m anti-liberal, anti-communist, anti-statist, anti-Nazi, anti-Islamist and anti-anarchist.

What do you think on economics?

I don’t trust that any politician has the perfect answer to solving the economic crisis.  So, if I were a politician asked about what I would do on the economy; I would say I can’t personally do anything because I don’t feel like I’m the best source on fixing the economy.  I feel this needs to be put more in the hands of businesses since their CEOs better understand the economy than politicians who for the most part have never owned a business.  I’m not saying all regulations should be done away with, but .  One of the biggest issues today in regards to the state is too many people rely on the government to fix the economy, yet we are $18 trillion + in debt.  Some solutions would be to stop getting involved in every world conflict and stop giving money to countries which actively persecute Christians and fund terrorists who kill them.

What do you think about the American education system?

The university system is pathetic.  Way too many students are graduating and either have no job or work a minimum wage job at some fast-food restaurant for example.  The universities lie to us that we will automatically get a job if we spend thousands of dollars to go to additional schooling for a few more years — most likely longer than expected — and go through elective courses we have already learned about in high school and which can be totally irrelevant to our major/minor and profession desired.  I am more into the German/Austrian education system.

What do you think about the legalization of marijuana?

I have gradually changed my belief over time and I think there should be some regulations albeit not a full blown war on marijuana.  I am open to its medicinal use.  That being said people should not break the law just because they don’t like it.  I have never smoked marijuana nor seen anybody smoke it in front of me though I know people who confessed to me of having smoked it.  Both sides of the debate can go overboard with one saying it’s as bad as heroine or cocaine with the other saying it’s the greatest thing since oxygen.

What do you think of NSA spying?

I do not support unwarranted and indiscriminate spying on millions of people.  I would be careful to assume too much on the details according to Edward Snowden, but I do think the allegations of spying on foreign state officials has led U.S. allies to lose some trust in the U.S.

What do you think about the separation of Church and state?

I do not support an absolute separation of Church and state, though looking at medieval politics and Catholic theology there always is some sort of separation between the two though not the same as the secularists think of: in Catholic theology, the clergy rule over the Church but not the state and the state rulers rule over the state but do not interfere in Church affairs while the state simultaneously supports the Church and upholds her teachings.  I do believe states should uphold Catholic Christianity as the state religion if possible but that freedom of religion is also granted.  I have always been against forcing people to convert and I do not think every social evil should be penalized through legislation.  The Angelic Doctor himself said the state should lead others to the goal of a common good “since every part is ordained to the whole” (cf. Summa Theologica I-II.90.1), yet he also said that only the graver sins should be penalized since souls are gradually led to holiness (rf. Ibid, 96.2).

What do you think on illegal immigration?

I support the state’s right and duty to protect its borders.  With so many issues facing the U.S. like transmission of deadly diseases and viruses, the transport of drugs (e.g. heroine and cocaine), the transport of human slaves, the secret translocation of terrorists and violent drug gangs, overpopulation, insane tax increases, job losses, there is a perfectly good reason the U.S. like any other country should protect its borders.  It’s hard enough to battle these issues with domestic issues being in the mind of law enforcement.  I think a lot of business side with the left on illegal immigration because it’s a form of cheap labor; so like César Chávez one of the reasons I oppose illegal immigration is the treatment of illegal immigrants.  I am somewhere on the middle with amnesty for non-violent violators but would prefer if that were not an option; if the U.S. and Mexico were better friends then they are now then we probably could negotiate and ensure people were treated better in Mexico so not nearly as many people would leave for the U.S. illegally.

What do you think about women’s right to work?

I support the right for women to work if they choose so and have thought through the risks of both parents working while having a baby.  I think it’s better if at least one parent is there to take care of the baby and be there for their childhood.  It is important for a child’s psyche that they used to being around their parents during their early years.

What do you think about social welfare?

A lot of changes need to be done.  A lot of people on welfare don’t need to be on it while many who are not on it need to be: the poorest of the poor who are the homeless.  The welfare state keeps getting bigger but it hasn’t bettered the economy.  One party is too skeptical about giving money to the poor and the other party is too reluctant to admit the astronomical abuses within the welfare system: e.g. people wasting welfare money on things they don’t need, spending too much at one time, already having a job, using it on abortions, using it to give to terrorist organizations.

Who is your favorite political leader?

Vladimir Putin as of right now.  He isn’t really liked much by liberal and conservative Americans alike.  Quite honestly I haven’t seen any proof he is interested in fighting the whole world and taking over it.  Such a claim is just conspiracy theories who don’t want to admit Vladimir Putin is the most respected Russian leader post Soviet Union with a 87% approval rating which is over twice as much as Barack Obama’s.

What is your view on the Iran nuclear deal?

It’s an issue.  I don’t believe we should go to war with Iran, at least just yet.  However, it is concerning that their government kidnaps and tortures Christians, even threatening to execute them.  It’s also suspicious this is the same country whose clerics and their followers chant, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”.  The U.S. should not be allied with them nor should be giving them any money.  No country should.

What do you think about the alleged race war in the U.S.?

It’s definitely inflated by the left which likes to see racism and sexism even where it clearly isn’t just to advance a political agenda.  I like to stay out of situations like white cop on black guy situations since I think the court should go through the evidence before people jump to conclusions that the officer was at fault or even racist.  Al Sharpton definitely does not help the issue and I’m glad Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston told him not to come after the shooting.  Turning the rare instances of actual racism (which are socially inacceptable) into social ills does not help society.

What is your favorite sport?

I really like golf, tennis and soccer.  I used to be on my high schools golf and tennis teams.  I already played both sports for many years.  Golf is extremely difficult and is something you really have to dedicate your time to if you want to mast it, even if you have been playing the sport since you were 7 years old like me.  I played on a baseball and soccer team as well when I was little.  I lost interest in baseball, but liked soccer, however I got into an accident during a match and stopped playing after I moved somewhere else.  I recently got back into it because of Rainbow Dash; no joke.

What is your favorite game system?

Anything that is Nintendo.  I play mostly Nintendo 64, Wii and Nintendo 3DS games: I even have The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64, Virtual Console (Wii) and the Nintendo 3DS.  I have The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for all three systems as well.  Yeah, of the Nintendo franchises, The Legend of Zelda is my most favorite.

Are you competitive?

Yes, very competitive.  I love proving I am very good at something and it’s hard for me to admit when I’m not the best at something.  You could say that’s something I have to work on.  As Rainbow Dash says, “I hate losing.”



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