SSPX, Worst than Satanism?! You Must Be Joking!


St. Jude’s Church, Philadelphia

So, I read an article today that linked to a blog by a certain priest named Fr. Paul Nicholson who apparently claims the SSPX is worse than Satanism.  Really?!  The SSPX which believes in every Catholic dogma on faith and morals — even believing Pope Francis is the legitimate pope — is somehow worse than a diverse group of social rejects who do things from performing abortion rituals, to torturing and killing animals, to sometimes even other human sacrifices, along with renouncing practically everything the Church teaches and mocks her Sacraments?

Does the SSPX have problems?  Absolutely.  I have encountered a couple of SSPX affiliates who were absolutely insane, some who were indistinguishable from Sedevacantists in their conspiracy theories.  I have also encountered SSPX affiliates who are some of the most sincere and kind Catholics I have seen.  I am not saying that regularly attending SSPX Masses and liturgies fulfills your Sunday obligation — as they still have no canonical status in the Church — but this insulting needs to stop.  People wonder why the SSPX is reluctant to reconcile with the Church and we see these insults being slung at them and they are probably afraid that if they submit to the local ordinary that they will be subject to the same abuse that many priests and bishops have been placed under from being forced to celebrate Mass in any other way but the Usus Antiquor to being censored on criticisms of other religions.  Also, I have personally seen people — even a priest — literally call the SSPX “Satanic”.

When a priest labels the SSPX equivalent to or worse than Satanism, then you know something is wrong. These kind of illogical and uncharitable attacks coming from both sides of the Second Vatican Council debate has only delayed reconciliation.  I have stopped debating Lefebvrists because I do not want to be affiliated with those who label them ‘Satanists’.  I feel it is better to put our money where our mouth is and by that I mean we need to prove to them that the Second Vatican Council is not exactly the source of these problems we face by defending the Catholic faith and that also includes quoting the Council on topics generally not mentioned in regards to Vatican II.

You can find the article here:


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