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There are more questions and answers to show more to me than what meets the eye.  Hopefully you remember what was mentioned in the last article.

What are your thoughts on the war in Iraq?

I think it was a big mistake.  Over the years I gradually became more skeptical about the NATO involvement in Iraq, but I feel ashamed at first I did not question it and thought it actually was an extension of the war against terrorism.  Contrary to what the left likes to say, the Democrats almost unanimously supported going into Iraq and now many of them like Hillary Clinton are acting like they never did while calling out Republicans for supporting it.  Talk about hypocrisy!  ISIS was growing in strength, numbers and power in Iraq during the George W. Bush administration after Saddam Hussein’s regime was toppled.  Had Bush not sent troops into Iraq, Obama would not have been able to make the mistake of pulling them out too early.  Both administrations have failed in giving money to countries whose leaders donate to our enemies.

What do you think about the 2016 Republican presidential candidates?

Too many, but many of them are good.  Unfortunately we do not agree 100% of the time with even our favorite candidates, but it makes no sense to not vote for them just because we disagree with them on one little thing.  Less votes for the least damaging side means more votes for the more damaging side.  So, even if I don’t agree with everything Donald Trump or Chris Christie says, I see all of them better candidates than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

What are your thoughts on Pope Francis: Marxist or not?

I think this is one of the damaging things of the conservative movement; many of its pundits are getting too hasty with making inaccurate accusations against the Pope.  I see the Pope’s comments on the economy as neither Marxist nor capitalist, but somewhere in the middle.  What his critics won’t tell you is that he hasn’t called for governments to take control of the economy, but has called for us all to take personal responsibility.  Even if Pope Francis’ remarks are meant to criticize capitalism, he is not at odds with Catholic doctrine on economics as Rush Limbaugh claims, as the Catechism by Saint John Paul II calls out both socialism and capitalism by name.  The Holy Father has said we should not rely too much on the free market to solve all problems and that’s true even if you call yourself a capitalist as in capitalism only some suffer but in socialism all suffer (at least if they’re not in the government); not only that but we must also rely on personal charity out of our own free will when the free market cannot do justice in regards to those who have a hard time finding stable jobs and homes.

Your thoughts on global warming?

I am a critic and have been for most of my life.  Many scientists disagree with those under the pay roll of the likes of Al Gore whose global warming predictions are so absurd that they make even global warming scientists blush.  I love snow and I don’t want to see global warming, but from the scientific articles I have read and from personal experiences I have seen that global temperatures have gradually dropped with more snowfall and longer winters than shortly before.  Scientists are even predicting a mini-ice age within the next few decades and another article showed satellite images of Arctic glaciers growing 60% over some period of time.

Your thoughts on minimum wage?

I am not against making the minimum wage higher, but demanding $15 per hour for a part time job at McDonald’s is absurd, especially when government officials get $13 per hour.  That’s socialism.  For some this isn’t even high enough; a Communist Party in Washington state is calling for a $20 hourly minimum wage.  You have go by these things gradually or little by little, not jump into them; businesses have to be able to experiment with salary without taking too large risks.  The mandate of excessive minimum wages has only led companies to letting go more workers to save money, sometimes to replace them with less expensive machines.  This is not productive for job growth and has only contributed to a worsening of the job market with more people losing jobs and more people not being able to find jobs.  The increased costs in health insurance has contributed to the problem as well.  Again, this is what happens when the low information crowd relies on politicians in the government to act like they know everything about the economy, only to make things harder for other people to put more money in their own wallets.

What are you thoughts on celebrities creating charities?

I have grown increasingly skeptical about their intentions.  They like to name their charities after themselves and publicize their work with people apparently for show ratings.  Not only that but it seems like they spend an awful lot of time begging other people who make less money then them to donate to their charities when they themselves hardly ever — if at all — reach out from their own pockets to give to the poor.  I’m not saying all are this way, but too many seem like that.  I take Jesus Christ’s words very literally: “When you give alms, do not blow a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets to win the praise of others. Amen, I say to you, they have received their reward.”

What are your thoughts on Western youth?

I think we as the Y generation have become so full of ourselves.  There is a reason why we are called the hookup generation.  Long-term monogamous heterosexual relationships are gradually being replaced by hook-ups and one night stands or at least it seems that way since it’s definitely more culturally acceptable now.  With the easy access to pornography many guys have given up on difficult relationships to sit in front of a computer for hours.  Girls for a large part have become so superficial: they put unrealistic expectations on guys to the point an actual “nice guy” comes along she puts him in the friend zone in favor of the “bad boy” who ends up treating her badly.  So many girls do nothing but text even when they’re on a date; so the social benefits of dating have been disassociated with getting to know a potential spouse; no wonder so many young couples are divorced or are on the brink of divorce; they don’t know who they married.  To be fair so many guys have quit too easily on marriage and now look for simple hook-ups and one-night stands instead of considering the priesthood, diaconate or married life; ultimately that’s a choice they have to make but they might as well do something with their lives.  Thank God there has been a significant increase in calls to the priesthood, diaconate and monastic life.

What are your favorite things to talk about?

Obviously religion, politics and history: I feel there’s a lot more substance to talk about these things especially if they’re topics I know a lot about.  I’ve never been very good at small talk, but there’s not much to say: it’s like you say, “What did you do last night”, and the other person says, “Went to a club” and you say, “Nice” and that’s the end of it.  This is another problem with our generation; at large we’re ignorant of the things around us and all we can talk about is the latest one-night stand, hangover or test, but rely on other people to solve all our problems for us.

Do you have a handicap?

Yes, I do have Asperger’s like a lot of bronies apparently do.  However like many say it also can be a major help because we tend to think more logically about things.  I still don’t like to accredit all my knowledge to Asperger’s but to the Holy Spirit who gives His seven fruits to us.


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