Bernie Sanders is not Jesus


A couple of things are wrong with this.  Are the Occupy Democrats claiming Bernie Sanders is Jesus Christ, hence the Son of God and God the Son?

The meme seems to misunderstand the role Jesus Christ had in regards to giving to the poor.  Our Lord far predates the welfare state in which almsgiving was encouraged but given on a personal level.  You’re more likely to say that Muhammad was a socialist; at least he founded an Islamic state in which zakat and jizyah were taxes.  Jesus Christ never said we must give through the government; I’m not saying it is absolutely wrong to do it through the government either, however He called for a personal act of almsgiving and a personal call to poverty which also brings me to the next thing.  Bernie Sanders, like Barack Obama and Saul Alinsky, is a community organizer who emphasizes the necessity of the lower and middle class becoming wealthy.  Yet it’s strange to compare Him to Jesus Christ who said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit” and who said, “Sell your possessions”.  But redistribution only makes the poor become wealthier and envy those who have what they themselves do not and want.

In certain regards I do agree that people can and should need help with healthcare, but he also states it is a woman’s right to get contraception and get an abortion.  For Christians this is definitely not okay.  He actually lied about Republicans wanting to ban contraception when not one said that; they only said there is no reason for people and companies to pay for somebody else’s contraception and that it is wrong to do so.  This is just recycled garbage spewed by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other progressive politicians.

He proposes to make free college tuition for all students.  How is going to do this without raising taxes, which he promises to lower?  This is exactly the same thing the Democrats have been saying.  Yet it has only gotten more expensive especially for those who have to pay their own way through college.  Is he going to reimburse all those who previously went to college and had to pay their own way through it without getting student loans?  I do believe only students who really need it and can maintain good grades should be able to receive student loans, but Bernie wants everybody to get student loans, which means people will have to pay more even for students who might not be able to maintain good grades but slack off, party, turn off homework, skip class, don’t participate in class lectures and/or miss/fail tests.  Is that fair, Senator Sanders?  I’m pretty sure it is stealing when people’s money is taken to give to people who don’t give back to society.  “You shall not steal” is a commandment Jews and Christians should be familiar with.

In short, Bernie Sanders is a “democratic socialist” (his words, not mine).  His radical views on the economy make Democrats like Hillary Clinton look like capitalists.  Which reminds me.  Sanders is pushing for a $15 minimum wage but reportedly pays interns $12 per hour.  Talk about hypocrisy.  It does remind me of Saul Alinsky, a Jew like Sanders, who wrote Rules for Radicals which is the basic framework of the radical community organizing movement.


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