A Model Leader


Saint Louis of Francis, pray for us!

One of the greatest leaders of a nation lived during the Crusades.  He was a monarch: he gave to alms to the poor, he did penance, he fought alongside his fellow crusaders to defend the Holy Land from Muslim invaders, he suppressed the dangerous sect of the Cathars and he loved his country.  In other words: he didn’t just talk the talk, but he also walked the walk.  Imagine if he had a leader like him today.  A lot of modern leaders could learn from him.

Me was a model Catholic and a king.  As a leader he cared both economically and spiritually for his country from what we have seen.  He made was well respected by his people for cleaning up things in France such as usury, the lending of money with excessive interest, which was making many Frenchmen suffer.  This is surprising for many people who stereotype monarchs as brutal and/or corrupt people who take advantage of their people, but not this man.  He emphasized love of God and love of country; you can see this as shown in the following video.

He was canonized by Boniface VIII on July 11, 1297 but his feast day is on August 25.  So far he is the only canonized king of France and because of his tremendous piety and patriotism his name has been used for several cities and churches by French missionaries.  Saint Louis, Missouri is one primary example of a city named by French missionaries and is sometimes called the “Rome of the West” due to its many beautiful Catholic churches.  We should ask for his intercession that public officials will uphold the Catholic faith and not be afraid to profess it.


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