Obama – Abortion and Weed


So it’s widely known that Barack Obama smoked weed during his college days.  But ironically he is not in a hurry to legalize marijuana when so many of his followers have been calling for it for years.  I’m not promoting cannabis for casual use, but I have seen a major inconsistency on the part of the government — especially President Obama — in regards to marijuana and abortion.

President Obama is obviously known for his support of abortion and the funding of Planned Parenthood.  He voted three times against the Born Alive Act which would outlaw partial-birth abortion.  He upheld Roe v. Wade which indiscriminately supported abortion on demand while declaring all anti-abortion laws unconstitutional based upon the majority opinion’s interpretation of the constitutional right to privacy.  He stated at least once he wouldn’t want his daughter to be punished with a baby if she ever had sex outside of marriage or when she didn’t want a baby.

While the federal government has de facto legalized abortion because of Roe v. Wade possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia is still very much illegal on a federal level though there is an inconsistency because of certain states legalizing it on a medical and/or casual case.  It has been argued that marijuana is a gateway drug since addicts stop getting a high from marijuana and seek to get a high from harder drugs like heroine or cocaine; if that is so you could say marijuana indirectly leads to death; however many have noted many users are not addicts and do not use cocaine and heroine.  Anyways, the point is it doesn’t directly lead to death.

On the other hand abortion is the willful and generally direct termination of an unborn human fetus, which means it leads to death.  A direct abortion is appropriately called murder for this reason.  If marijuana is illegal then how much more illegal should a direct abortion be?  If I am shocked about anything it is the shocking thought that abortion would be legalized before marijuana.  The direct killing of an unborn human fetus (Latin: “offspring”) or the intent to kill it is treated more lightly than the use of a particular narcotic.  How backwards are we if we are more lapsed on our views of unborn human life than on drugs?


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