The Race Card Gone Awry


Some revealing posts by the Vester Lee Flanagan

Vester Lee Flanagan, sometime known by his alias Bryce Williams, is recorded of having sued at least twice based on allegations of racial discrimination in the workplace.  Investigations were done but no evidence of racism was shown.

So then President Obama claims it is a gun issue after he and the other Democrats have spent years drilling it into people’s heads, mostly through the schools, that minorities are automatically discriminated against systematically.  They have also made it easy to sue anybody upon the dumbest accusations of racism, not that suing somebody for racism is a good idea to begin with.  Think about it.  Is it worth it to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a lawyer to represent you in court and not even be sure you will win a case that takes a lot of time, effort and frustration to conclude?  Most people wouldn’t go this far.  Quite honestly if I felt discriminated against I would just move on and avoid them.

I don’t see the worth of going to court over a simple little comment even if the comment was distasteful.  Yet the progressives have made sure people can be sued for the smallest things, be it an allegedly racist, sexist or homophobic comment.  Remember the lesbian couple that claimed ear rape after their wedding was turned down?  That’s the America we live in.  I don’t even hear this kind of stuff happening so frequently in Europe which is supposedly more liberal than the U.S.  That was definitely going too far, not to mention I was told by a rape victim she was offended that they would use the word “rape” so lightly.

So going back Vester Lee Flanagan he definitely went too far with his own claims of discrimination, not just by suing the news outlets, but also shooting the two white co-workers, one of whom was a beautiful young woman just a year younger than me.  Her partner on the job was two years older than me.  Both were cut down in their prime and all because of a stupid little allegation of racism.  Yet the Democrats are not being held accountable for their place in all this and now they’re evading — like they always do — by brining up something else and in regards to shootings like this they bring up the gun issue to talk about gun control to feel like they can still win the sympathy of the people.

I am not saying there are no real instances of discrimination.  They do exist and continue to exist; that is an unfortunate part of reality.  My issue is not with addressing those real cases but with making disputes into false cases of discrimination especially for political or financial gain if not perhaps a personal vendetta.  Here is a great way to look to it as the Most Reverend Edward Braxton, bishop of Belleville, said this about it.

“So people — Black and White, African-American or European-American — you start with Jesus of Nazareth. He gives us the story of the Good Samaritan — a Samaritan who didn’t even talk to Jewish people — who stops and tends the wounds of a Jewish man who had fallen under thieves, because he understands the truth of ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”


The Most Rev. Edward K. Braxton

You can read the article here:

Here is the bishop’s interview:


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